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Covid-19 booster shots: Senior artistes all game to get vaxxed | Bollywood

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Since Monday, the government has begun administering the precautionary vaccine dose to healthcare and frontline workers, as well as those over 60 with comorbidities. This has proven to be a source of joy for the elderly actors who are considering refusing to work during the current virus crisis.

“Having a booster dose is very important right now. Kissi ko it will give 100 percent protection, kissi ko 90 percent degi, aur kissi ko 75 percent.. The main point is that there is an added layer of protection. What is wrong with it? I think it is very wise and no one should hesitate to go for it,” says actor Aruna Irani, 75, adding that she is eagerly waiting to get the precautionary dose herself.

“It has become the need of the hour today, as the Omicron surge has come along with so much tension. Kaam bandh kar diye hai. After almost two years, I started taking up work in December. Now, it is stuck again,” she shares.

Actor Himani Shivpuri says getting a booster dose will help them get to set without any fear.

“With multiplying cases, I have yet not decided whether I should continue working or stop going to work. If the situation goes out of hand, I will stop, because I have suffered in the first wave, and I don’t want to do it again. Now, I am waiting to get a booster dose. Apni taraf se jitna kar sakte hain woh toh karenge hi,” mentions the 61-year-old actor.

Actor Shakit Kapoor calls for more awareness about the same for its larger impact. “I am willing to get a booster dose since it will help me. Now, it is the time to look at ourselves, stick around in the house and spread awareness,” expresses the 70-year-old actor, who is currently in Goa and scared to go back to Mumbai.

Director Subhash Ghai agrees, “The booster dose shouldn’t be looked at with confusion or apprehension. We need to understand that government is doing it for our own benefit”.

“I am willing to get it. Woh meri health ka khayal rakehnge, tabhi toh mein dosrun logon ki health ka dhyan rakh paunga. We should not doubt it,” says the 76-year-old director.

Opening up about the same, Dr. Swati Rajagopal, Consultant – Infectious Disease & Travel Medicine, Aster CMI Hospital, shares, “It is important to look at the booster dose for individuals older than 60 years as they have the risk of developing complications from Covid 19. Vaccination has always been intended for reducing the severity of infection, hospitalisation and death. Eventually, all individuals should get the booster dose as it wanes over time for everyone”.

Lastly, Sasural Genda Phool actor Sudhir Pandey, who himself is recovering from Covid-19, puts spotlight on the need to consult with a doctor before going for the third dose.

“I am relying on my doctor to guide me when I should take the third dose. Until and unless, they give me a green signal I won’t get it just because others are taking it. Sabke health issues and needs bahut alag hoti hai, that’s why I will get proper advice first, and would urge others to do the same,” concludes the 76-year-old.

Courtesy – www.hindustantimes.com

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