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Bhagyashree inspires fans to build a strong back with lats workout | Watch | Health

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Bhagyashree encourages fans towards a fitter and healthier lifestyle and her latest workout video from the gym is proof as she effortlessly performs lats exercise on cable pulley machine | Check out the viral video and health benefits inside

ByZarafshan Shiraz, Delhi

At 52, Bhagyashree is the envy of every fitness enthusiast for ageing like fine wine and the actor’s latest workout video only added to the steam as she inspired fans to build a strong back with lats workout. Encouraging fans towards a fitter and healthier lifestyle, Bhagyashree dropped a workout video straight from the gym as she effortlessly performed lats exercise on a cable pulley machine.

Taking to her social media handle, the diva had shared the video which gave fans a glimpse of her robust workout session. The video featured her donning a half sleeves, V-neck black T-shirt teamed with a pair of blue and black camouflaged capri tights and a pair of grey sneakers with hair pulled back into a high ponytail to ace the athleisure look.

Sitting with her back straight on a cable pulley machine, Bhagyashree grapped each handle with both hands as she pulled the attached weight towards her chest. This exercise is performed while sitting with one’s upper thighs restrained under a thigh pad.

She shared in the caption, “Let’s get going again! Fitness is an important aspect to keeping active. When you can perform your daily tasks and move your body pain free, you feel energetic to take on the world (sic).” The actor added, “Having a strong back is very important… so this is something I have started new… to build strength (sic).”


Done as part of an upper body strength workout, lats exercise works the back muscles, especially the latissimus dorsi or the “lat” which is the muscle just under the armpits and spreading across and down the back. This exercise can also be performed as a seated cable row.

Seated cable row targets and activates the back muscles like the latissimus dorsi in middle back, the erector spinea muscles, the rhomboids in upper back and the lower trapezius which in turn increases the upper-body strength. It strictly isolates the shoulders, rear delts, lower trapezius and helps eliminate assistance from the hip muscles.

The exercise results in better posture, better back definition and better core stability. It also lowers the chances of injury and protects the shoulders.

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