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Pooja Batra meditating amidst the greenery is how we want to start the day too | Health

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Pooja Batra is a yoga enthusiast. The actor, when not working for the screen, is often spotted in the quaint corners of her own home engrossed in a workout routine. Besides being a fitness enthusiast, Pooja is also a travel enthusiast. Often, pooja is spotted taking off to offbeat locations around the globe. Pooja’s Instagram profile is replete with pictures and videos of her ventures in stunning foreign locations. Recently, Pooja travelled to the Bora Bora Islands. From chilling in the beach with the sprawling blue waters of sea in the backdrop, to taking a detour to USA and feeding ostriches, Pooja did it all.

However, one thing that Pooja is extremely strict about is her fitness routine. Even on her trips, pooja scoops out time for herself and engages in a yoga routine. Even in Bora Bora, Pooja had a moment with herself on the deck of her resort where she performed yoga positions with the stunning sea waters in the backdrop. Pooja is now back at home and she has her favourite workout place a few walks away – her living room and her garden.

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A day back, Pooja shared a video of herself meditating amidst the greenery of her own home garden. Dressed in a violet tank top and a pair of comfy cotton multicolour trousers, pooja can be seen sitting with her legs folded and her eyes closes. She made a collage of her picture and a picture of a pretty flower from her garden. Take a look:

Instagram story of Pooja Batra.(Instagram/@poojabatra)
Instagram story of Pooja Batra.(Instagram/@poojabatra)

Meditation gives us the necessary calm to take on our day-to-day activities. Meditation, when performed on a daily basis, helps in creating self-awareness, focus and tolerance. It also helps in enhancing patience and driving away negative emotions. Meditation helps in building skills and gaining a new perspective on stressful situations.

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