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Rujuta Diwekar demonstrates exercises for ‘strength and stability in the legs’ | Health

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Rujuta Diwekar kickstarted the year 2022 on a high note by demonstrating exercises that can be performed without much effort, time or money. The nutritionist keeps sharing useful and healthy information on the exercise routines that should be performed to keep our body running, healthy food habits that should be incorporated in our daily routine to keep illnesses at bay and how to use our body to its fullest potential.

With the work from home culture making its way in our life and the gyms closing down and allowing less entry, it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to keep maintaining our health. Rujuta started the first weel of 2022 by demonstrating five exercises that should be performed on a daily basis to keep stress away. She showed 5 stretches that can be done in between work, and without the use of any equipment.

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A day back, Rujuta shared the exercise routine for the second week of 2022. For this week, she chose to address fitness routine that can improve the strength and stability of the legs. In the video, Rujuta can be seen sitting on a chair supported against a furniture and stretching her one leg straight perpendicular to her body. Then she can be seen doing it with her both legs. In the second part of the video, Rujuta can be seen sitting by the edge of the chair and folding her one leg up and standing up and then slowly sitting down. For the last exercise, Rujuta took a pillow and placed it in between her legs and squeezed her legs around it. “3 exercises with different levels of difficulty so that everyone can do. These exercises have to be done in addition to the week 1 stretches,” read an excerpt of Rujuta’s post. Take a look:

The exercise routine comes with multiple health benefits. Rujuta added that it is important to keep using our body or we will end up losing the good health we have. This exercise routine will help us to keep the mobility, and the flexibility of the body intact. It will also help us in developing the strength of the leg muscles.

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