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Yasmin Karachiwala spelt self-love with this workout routine | Health

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Katrina Kaif’s fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala took a much-needed break from her work and went on recluse of sorts to admire her meal plan. The fitness trainer, who keeps sharing information on healthy food habits and workout routine on her Instagram profile on a regular basis, spoke of self-love in the recent post. Yasmin, fitness trainer to a number of Bollywood celebrities, keeps sharing snippets of her own workout routine on her Instagram profile to push her Instagram family to start taking care of their own health.

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However, a day back, Yasmin spoke about how the body tires out often from work and feels the need of a breather. And hence, she thought of taking a break from her work and enjoying the new meal plan that she curated. However, self-love can also mean working out. Hence, Yasmin pointed about an alphabet workout routine for her Instagram family with a video demonstrating on how to do them right. She spelt an elaborate workout routine with each alphabet of the word self-love.

S – 25 reps Double Pulse Squat

E – 15e Sit Up to Twist

L – Ab curl with legs in scissors – 20 reps

F – 15 e Figure 4 Double Crunch

L – Ab curl with legs in scissors – 20 reps

O – 20 e Doggy Lifts

V – Plank to T – 10 each

E – 15e Sit Up to Twist

Take a look:

Yasmin further added that this workout routine should be performed in 3-5 rounds with no rest period between the exercises. However, people should take rest for a minute between each round of the routine. Speaking of self-love, Yasmin wrote, “Weekend self-love anyone? Today I decided I was going to take a small break from work because why not. I absolutely love what I do, don’t get me wrong! But… My body needed a breather and I wanted to enjoy my new meal plan which I am so in love with! And for you my lovelies.”

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