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Piyush Goyal defends suspension of 12 MPs, demands apology | Latest News India

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Union minister Piyush Goyal asked the suspended Rajya Sabha members to apologise to the country, the House, and the chair over their conduct

The government on Tuesday defended the suspension of 12 Rajya Sabha MPs for indiscipline citing repeated instances of unruly conduct during the Parliament’s monsoon session, which tarnished the image of the Upper House.

Union minister Piyush Goyal asked the suspended members to apologise to the country, the House, and the chair over their conduct.

Speaking in Rajya Sabha, Goyal recounted instances of bad behaviour by the Opposition lawmakers during the Monsoon Session. He added they did not allow Prime Minister Narendra Modi to introduce new members of his Cabinet in the House, attacked marshals, climbed on the table, snatched, tore and threw papers, hooted and whistled and disrespected the chair.

“I want to bring your attention to the last day of the monsoon session. …some MPs attacked women marshals, some attacked male marshals. They stood firm. We shudder to think what could have happened to the chair.”

He said the Opposition did not let Modi introduce his ministers. “The Opposition had no regard for a large number of women, a minister from the Northeast and Adivasis who were inducted…The Opposition could not digest that.”

He said the country witnessed how badly the opposition MPs behaved when minister Ashwini Vaishnaw was speaking in the House during the Monsoon Session and snatched papers. He praised the Parliament staff for showing patience and restraint in dealing with the unruly members. “I want to congratulate the parliament officials who bore the brunt of such an attack. But when one member almost attacked the chair, there was no choice but to suspend for a day.”

Goyal said the opposition MPs broke a glass in the house which injured some officials. “But we wanted to let the House run so no further action was taken.” He said two MPs filmed the ruckus in the House and uploaded it on YouTube. “We suggested that a committee be formed to deal with the matter. However, many Opposition parties refused to be a part of it. Their contention that such a panel can only work when the House is in session is wrong as the House is constant. So it is the House’s decision to suspend. They can make a mistake but they should apologise as everyone can make a mistake.”

The House was adjourned for the day after Goyal’s statement.

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