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Ayurveda tips: Feeling bloated? Home remedies to your rescue | Health

Abdominal bloating can be painful and uncomfortable. Not only your stomach appears bigger and your clothes don't fit right, but you may also...

Rujuta Diwekar on the magic of sweet potato, recommends it to people with diabetes, PCOD | Health

Winter season is full of seasonal delights from spinach, beetroot to amla and mustard greens. It is also the season of sweet potato...

Rujuta Diwekar spills health benefits of ‘secret beauty pill’ aliv in laddoos | Health

Aliv is a ‘secret beauty pill’ that can be eaten ‘in the form of a laddoo ideally’ since it is packed with health...

Bloated all the time? Remove these foods from your diet for relief | Health

Do you feel full even after eating a little and get that uncomfortable sensation of having trapped gas on increased pressure in your...

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