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covid-19 outbreak

News updates from HT: Amid Omicron threat, pre-booking RT-PCR must at 6 airports and all the latest news | Latest News India

Here are today’s top news, analysis, and opinion. Know all about the latest news and other news updates from Hindustan Times.Omicron threat: Pre-booking...

Omicron variant: What we know so far on cases in India and vaccine efficacy | Latest News India

As many as 16,000 international passengers have been tested for Covid-19 from 58 flights and only 18 of them tested positive, the health...

Will Omicron variant cause third wave in India? How to prevent it? FAQs answered | Latest News India

With two confirmed cases and several more suspects of Omicron in India so far, the government has ramped up all measures to contain...

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