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Sonnalli Seygall’s AcroYoga routine in Rishikesh is all about trust | Health

Sonnalli Seygall believes in doing the impossible. The actor, who is currently in Rishikesh, has been sharing necessary tips on how to connect...

With Surya Namaskar, Sonnalli Seygall is praying for herself and the world | Health

Sonnalli Seygall is on a praying mode – the actor kickstarted the year 2022 on a high note. Sonnalli is currently in Rishikesh...

Guess how Sonnalli Seygall spent her Christmas? Hint – It’s all about fitness | Health

Sonnalli Seygall had a beautiful Christmas this year. She chose to stay away from the noise and the hustle and the bustle of...

Sonnalli Seygall’s yoga perfection is ‘all about practising’ | Health

Sonnalli Seygall believes in practicing and striving to be better. The actor, who is a fitness enthusiast, swears by high intensity workouts and...

Inside Sonnalli Seygall’s AcroYoga session in Rishikesh | Health

Sonnalli Seygall is on her year-end trip across the country. The actor recently took off to Rishikesh and since then her Instagram profile...

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