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When Salman Khan said his bracelet stone cracked multiple times warding off evil. Watch | Bollywood

Salman Khan, who is rarely ever seen without his bracelet, had once opened up about the story behind it during an interaction with...

‘Tiger bhi zinda hai, saanp bhi’: What Salman Khan told dad Salim Khan after snake bite incident. Watch | Bollywood

After he was bitten by a non-venomous snake at his Panvel farmhouse, Salman Khan jokingly told his father, “Both Tiger and snake are...

Salim Khan assures Salman Khan ‘completely fine’ after snake bite incident but ‘doctor has prescribed few meds’ | Bollywood

Salman Khan was hospitalised after a snake bit him at his Panvel farmhouse. His father Salim Khan has shared an update on his...

Salman Khan’s parents Salim Khan and Salma smile as they get together with Bina Kak, she shares pics of ‘grand couple’ | Bollywood

Salman Khan's parents, screenwriter Salim Khan and his wife Salma Khan, got together with Bina Kak at her home. Taking to Instagram, Bina...

When Salim Khan said he wanted to travel and drink in old age but kids and their ‘notices’ keep him busy | Bollywood

In 2014, veteran screenwriter Salim Khan sat down for an interview, in which he spoke about his career, his kids and even what...

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