10 Lines on Computer for Students and Children in English

10 Lines on Computer for Students

A computer is an electronic device that consists of a monitor, mouse, keyboard, and central processing unit( CPU ). It is the most effective method for organizing, sort, and processing data by carrying out various tasks.

We provide the type to the computer, and the machine outputs the user-defined output. In this article, we’ll discuss this device in four pieces, each with ten additional lines.

10 Lines on the Computer

  1. An electronic machine is a computer.
  2. A computer is a tool that you carry out specific tasks.
  3. A Processor, mouse, keyboard, and monitor make up a system.
  4. The key component of a system is the CPU, or central processing unit.
  5. It gathers, runs, combinations, and processes various datatypes.
  6. It is used to make connections with people who are seated far apart.
  7. The computer’s mind is referred to as the CPU.
  8. Today, computers are used all over the place.
  9. Computer laboratories and groups are also available in schools.
  10. A laptop has simplified one’s lives.

Several System Ranges

  1. Large amounts of data can be stored in a computer’s storage.
  2. Its operation is pretty straightforward.
  3. Boys study online using laptops and computers.
  4. It is the best and most practical current technological innovation.
  5. It makes use of an insight and an output system.
  6. Laptops are now an essential component of our daily lives.
  7. Laptops are utilized in every industry, including health and education.
  8. It is a sophisticated device that carries out specialized tasks.
  9. Computers are used by businesspeople for calculations, purchase research, budgeting, and stock maintenance.
  10. The laptops of today are more advanced and affordable.

10 lines in a machine writing

  1. With the help of servers, communication has become incredibly simple.
  2. Taking lessons online was beneficial for students during the crisis.
  3. These are also employed for marketing and advertising.
  4. It organizes its operations and stores information in a way.
  5. The machine can be used for a lot of things.
  6. Laptops come in a variety of varieties.
  7. The system is operated using a keyboard and mouse.
  8. There are 3 key system products through which it operates.
  9. The three components of a computer are an axismetic reasoning system, controller, and memory unit.
  10. These devices operate information properly.

10 Ranges Regarding Computer

  1. Nearly everyone in the world uses laptops today, which are present machines.
  2. Notebooks are more sophisticated and specialized types of computers.
  3. It is employed in a variety of equations.
  4. It provides an efficient method of data control and saves a lot of time.
  5. At home, many individuals have individual computers.
  6. Children use computers to perform a variety of activities.
  7. I adore using computers for work.
  8. It is the most cutting-edge invention always made by humans.
  9. Laptops can be used to create software.
  10. It is simple to set up a system conference between two people.


For many people, the electrical system known as a machine has made career simple. It has proven beneficial to state representatives as well as the young students enrolled in the class. This leads us to the conclusion that files organization through computers is the most advanced. I hope this article is helpful.

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