10 Lines on My Country India in English for Students (2023)

India is a democratic nation in South Asia, according to 10 lines on my land. It has the second-highest population in the world and the seventh-largest land location. People in India enjoys the freedom to express themselves and live in a political nation.

People who are of various castes, religion, color, and sexual coexist and converse in various languages. We’ll give you four sets of content in this article, each with ten lines.

10 Ranges About India, My Country

  1. India is a liberal, united nation.
  2. India has the second-highest population in the world.
  3. India is also referred to as Hindustan and Bharat.
  4. Oceans encircle India on all three of its edges.
  5. India is a nation with 29 claims and 7 lands that belong to the union.
  6. Delhi, which is located in the north of India on the bank of the Yamuna River, serves as the nation’s money.
  7. Vande Mataram is the national anthem of India.
  8. Tigers are India’s federal dog.
  9. The swan is India’s federal animal.
  10. India’s regional song is called Jana Gana Mana.

10 lines in my country writing

  1. India is the seventh-largest country in the world and a diverse nation.
  2. Mango is the regional fruits of India.
  3. Hindu is the standard or mother tongue of India.
  4. In India, people of various sects coexist, including Hinduism, Sikhisms, Christianity, Islam, Jainism, and Buddhism.
  5. India’s traditions and culture are well-known throughout the globe.
  6. The Saffron, White, and Green colors make up the tricolor of the American flag.
  7. Hockey is the national sports of India.
  8. India was formerly referred to as Aryavarta.
  9. The Ashoka Pillar, which is made up of four cats, is India’s federal sign.
  10. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was India’s first prime minister, and Rajendra Prasad was its first leader.

Ten Ranges About My Country

  1. The Peacock, the national bird of India, symbolizes how stunning India is with its various colors.
  2. India proclaimed its independence from British rule in 1947.
  3. The Republic Day of India is observed on January 26 and Independence Day is celebrated on August 15.
  4. Ashoka Chakra is depicted in the center of the Indian symbol. The chi represents the idea that life exists in motion and death in inertia.
  5. Homo sapiens, also known as current people, descended from the sub-continent of Africa 55, 000 years ago.
  6. India’s seven holy streams are Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati, Sindhu and Godavari, as well as Kaveri and Narmada.
  7. India’s Banyan Tree is revered all over the nation and is regarded as its national trees.
  8. The least populated state in India is Sikkim, and Uttar Pradesh is the most populous position.
  9. Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Chennai are India’s major locations.
  10. India is renowned for its wildlife due to its abundance of natural wonders, animals temples, memorials to the dead, and other structures.

10 Ranges About India, My Country in English

  1. Some victims gave their lives as a sacrifice to liberate India from British colonial rule.
  2. India is a destination for tourists from all over the globe due to its breathtaking beauty and diversity of cultures and religions.
  3. India’s federal icon features four lions arranged back to back in a circle, facing in opposite directions.
  4. The four cats stand for bravery, confidence, strength, and assurance.
  5. The 24 rims of the American flag’s center serve as the Ashoka Chakra, a rotating wheel.
  6. The main holidays observed in India include Eid, Christmas, Guru Nanak Jayanti, Diwali, Dussehra, and Holi.
  7. The American government is divided into three sections, each of which oversees and verifies the application of the rules and regulations.
  8. The Chief Ministers oversee the leadership of the state, while the Prime Minister of India oversees the government.
  9. India is home to a variety of types, including insects, birds, snakes, and reptiles.
  10. India is a country with many customs and nations. These, various people dress in a variety of ways that reflect their culture and religion.


India has a rich diversity and history. India has drawn individuals since antiquity due to its mesmerizing beauty and abundant cultures and traditions. I hope this article is helpful.

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