10 Lines On My Hobby In English For All Class Students

10 Lines On My Hobby In English

10 Ranges on My Activity: Everyone possesses things that they express through their interests. Habits are the things we enjoy doing the most in our spare time or creating moments for them.

Habits are a necessary component of life because they encourage development and occasionally develop into passions. There are four pieces of various pursuits in this article, each with ten lines.

10 traces about my pastime

  1. My pastime is drawing.
  2. In my book, I enjoy sketching and drawing points.
  3. My kids support me in my artistic endeavors.
  4. Sketching is beneficial because it can help you unwind.
  5. I use a variety of drawings to express my feelings.
  6. Every time I draw anything, my father is grateful.
  7. My nephew learns object drawing from me.
  8. I enjoy adding colors to my notes.
  9. A great passion is drawing.
  10. It inspires us to be innovative.

10 Lines of My Interest Article

  1. My pastime is reading.
  2. I enjoy reading a wide variety of books and storybooks.
  3. Fantasy is one of my favorite genres.
  4. Reading is a fantastic practice because it improves intelligence.
  5. Effective studying raises our Intelligence.
  6. When I have trouble understanding the challenging thoughts, my family assists me.
  7. Checking sharpens your mind and increases your lexicon.
  8. It’s a wonderful pastime to read.
  9. I use the dictionary to look up thoughts when my family is not present.
  10. I adore reading a lot.

10 Lines for My Passion

  1. My artistic pastime is images.
  2. The art of images is to capture the moment you’re in.
  3. I enjoy taking pictures but many.
  4. Everywhere I go and every dish I eat, I take pictures.
  5. Pictures is a simple way to convey ideas.
  6. I adore capturing people’s open times and sharing them with them.
  7. I use my mobile phone to take pictures and modify them as well.
  8. My passion is photography, and I will quickly make it my job.
  9. In the future, I want to become a photographer and an actor.
  10. When I’m by myself and taking in character, I have the most fun.

Writing of 10 Lines on My Interest

  1. My pastime is writing.
  2. I enjoy writing on a daily basis.
  3. I always get tired of reading.
  4. Every day in evening, I make it a habit to write in my book.
  5. I describe who I am and how my day went in my book.
  6. I occasionally rewrite imaginary tales from my college textbooks.
  7. It is a fantastic activity because it corrects our writing mistakes.
  8. Shakespeare is my favorite author.
  9. When I don’t have time, I occasionally finish my comments the following morning.
  10. I’m inspired to write more by all.


Here, we’ll wrap up by giving you the content on the top 4 personal interests. I hope this is helpful to you.

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