10 Lines on My Mother for Students and Children in English

10 Lines on My Mother for Students

Mother is just another name for an angels God sent to assist us, according to 10 Lines on My Mother. She transforms the house into a joyful area. In this article, we’ll talk about the function of family in our lives in four pieces, each with ten lines.

10 Line on My Mother

10 Line on My Mother
  1. Rajni is the name of my mother.
  2. She works as a wife.
  3. She prioritizes me above all else.
  4. The most stunning girl, she is.
  5. She works in the kitchen and the garden.
  6. She enjoys dancing and singing.
  7. She maintains the family’s comfort and warmth.
  8. She looks after my home.
  9. She is a person of modesty and humility.
  10. She is the most significant individual in my life.

10 Traces of My Mother Article( Set – 2 )

  1. My mom is a gracious person.
  2. She is compassionate and comforting.
  3. Every time I feel over, she inspires me.
  4. God gave me a priceless product: my family.
  5. She is both my best friend and my tutor.
  6. She assists me in finishing my assignments on time.
  7. I occasionally assist my family with household duties.
  8. She frequently reads me sleep tales.
  9. She prepares delectable meals for everyone in the home.
  10. She gets up early and gets my class dinner ready.

10 Lines for My Mother( Set – 3 )

  1. My family welcomes visitors with warmth and love.
  2. She has a deep spirituality.
  3. She supports people and takes care of my family.
  4. She wakes me up quick so I won’t lose the vehicle to school.
  5. She consistently imparts positive lessons to me.
  6. I’ve never seen anyone as sweet as she is.
  7. Her heart is lovely.
  8. She is constantly preoccupied with looking after me and my nephew.
  9. When I have a disease, she stays up all night with me.
  10. I cherish my family more than anything in the world.

(Set – 4) 10 Lines on My Mother

  1. Every time, my family surprises me with products.
  2. She works on multiple tasks.
  3. My family has an unending, unconditional love for me.
  4. My savior is she.
  5. I am shielded from all harm by my family.
  6. She is quite organized and giving.
  7. The best adviser is her.
  8. She directs me in the right direction.
  9. She is often available to me when I need her.
  10. She often lifts my spirits and cheers me up when I’m depressed.


Lastly, we come to the conclusion that a family provides all the necessary elements for an infant’s development. We had covered important topics about a family in these brief papers.

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