10 Lines on Myself for Students and Children in English

10 Lines on Myself for Students

My Home 10 Lines: We’ll discuss a basic introduction to oneself in the article that follows. There are four pieces, each with ten lines.

10 Lines On Myself For Students

10 Lines On Myself For Students
  1. Bhavya Ahuja is my title.
  2. The name of my father is Mr. ______.
  3. The name of my mother is Mrs. _______.
  4. I’m a native of _____.
  5. I’m sixteen years old.
  6. I do my homework in school.
  7. I attend the Modern High School.
  8. My mother, father, and younger brother are the members of my atomic community.
  9. My dad runs a successful business.
  10. My mom works as a wife.

Ten Ranges About Me

  1. I am a shy person.
  2. I enjoy making new friends.
  3. I enjoy playing basketball with the locals.
  4. I assist those who are in need.
  5. When I grow up, I want to be an actor.
  6. I enjoy listening to music from Hollywood.
  7. Because of who I am, my relatives adores me dearly.
  8. My older siblings and younger sisters have my utmost respect.
  9. At nighttime, I enjoy telling my younger sisters stories and playing with them.
  10. I have a strong sense of organization and discipline.

10 outlines of my own writing

  1. My artistic interests are singing and painting.
  2. My greatest aspiration is to match the Indian Prime Minister.
  3. I enjoy visiting new areas.
  4. I visited Rishikesh last summers with my home and relatives.
  5. Social science is my favorite topics.
  6. I adore eating food from the continent.
  7. I want to learn how to fly.
  8. I have many companions, but Shanaya is my best friend.
  9. In college, my best friend always brings me delicious meal.
  10. I enjoy hanging out with my relatives.

10 Ranges About Myself in English

  1. Compared to my other peers, I am taller.
  2. My dad assists me in resolving scientific issues.
  3. Along with teaching me different subjects, my mother also teaches science.
  4. I want to become a better swimmer.
  5. Journeys and exhilarating activities are my favorites.
  6. In the future, my nephew wants to work as an IAS agent.
  7. I enjoy reading film books.
  8. After college, I typically spend 4 to 5 hours studying at home.
  9. I have a light skin tone.
  10. I cherish my friends and family.


One must be able to properly introduce themselves. So, in this article, we ended by offering various lines about a person’s character.

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