A 16-year-old Boy Gets Shot Near Long Beach LIRR, During ‘Senior Skip Day’


The very shocking news is coming from Long Beach or Long Island, a 16-year-old boy gets shot near Long Beach and all the youth were on the beach they just lay down on the ground according to the police this was the ‘senior skip day’.

The age of the teenage boy was 16 and he shot near the LIRR station. Doctors are saying that he is stable now and we expect he will survive. According to the police a 15-year-old is in charge and another one is in custody.

People are saying that they were high school seniors who were cutting class and the shooting happened to nearly 3000 people, they were most probably from Nassau County and Queens. They all were planning to meet on the city boardwalk by 6 p.m. Thursday. 

The police of Long Beach noticed the misbehaviour for a long time on that day like climbing onto lifeguard stands and on police cruisers, then the police of Long Beach called to Nassau County police for more officers.

Then police cleared the beach around 7 p.m. and the people started going into the streets, after some time the victim got shot.

After the shot police took a 15-year-old boy on a charge of assault, criminal use of the gun, criminal possession of a weapon and reckless endangerment.

Then the manager of Long Beach announced the rules on Friday morning after the shoot-out. Said whoever comes to the beach the pass is mandatory for access to the beach and the non-residentials have to pay $15 for the pass. If anyone is caught without a pass then they have to pay for that. The passes will be mandatory from Friday until September 2. 

The beach will be closed after sunset until the sun-rise and the police have full authority, they can close the beach any time they want.

The gathering of more than 100 people unpermitted will be illegal and the event organizer will be charged in that case.

Police are saying that we will try and that it will never happen again like that, We will try hard for crimes and it is a very big miss that happened. The rules of the beach are made now, please no one break it otherwise we have to take you in a charge said by the police.

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