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Movie Internet Transfer Day for 18 + – 18+ OTT Platform Name

Details about 18 + Internet Platforms and Movie Digital Rights

Nikhila Vimal, Naslen, and Mathew Thomas are the stars of the upcoming Malayalam comedy film 18 +. Jose Arun was the director of the movie. The film has received a” U/ A” certificate from the central board of the film certification. Here, you can find 18 + movie OTT platforms, digital rights for online streaming and release dates, as well as 18 ++ Satellite rights to TV Channels.

A Malayalam movie called 18 + Movie was made by Falooda Entertainment and ReelsMagic and is scheduled to debut in India. People will review and rate the video on a range of 1 to 10 after its release, according to IMDb. More than 60 % of consumers are anticipated to enjoy the movie.

Details of the 18 + video OTT

Movie Title 18+
OTT Platform SonyLiv
Release Date for OTT 15 September 2023
Transfer Day for Theatrics July 7, 2023
Director Jose Arun
Writer Jose Arun, Raveesh Nath, Rajesh Varikkoli
Language Malayalam
Starring Naslen, Mathew Thomas, and Nikhila Vimal
Cinematography Kurup Satheesh
Director of song Xavier Christo
Editor Chakko Chaman
the Video Business Mollywood
Genre Comedy
Budget 8 Dr

18+ release date is on July 7, 2023. The Movie will be released in all theatres in India, and 18+ movie music was composed by Xavier Christo. The OTT Platform will definitely buy the 18+ movie to stream online. If you want to know the Official OTT Platform and OTT release date to watch the film online. Please look through the information given below.

18 + Plot

In the film, a young couple by the names of Akhil( Naslen ) and Anju, Nikhila Vimal, fall in love and decide to flee and get married. But, Akhil’s kids thwart their plans because they are opposed to their love. Therefore Akhil and Anju embarked on a mission to win over their parents’ acceptance of their passion.

Cast and Crew 18 +

The 18+ was directed by Jose Arun and stars Nikhila Vimal, Naslen, and Mathew Thomas. The movie cinematography was done by Kurup Satheesh and the editing was handled by Chakko Chaman.

Name of the OTT platform for movies( 18 +)

This is the right article for you if you’re looking for the movie 18 + OTT Platform to watch movies online. For official loading of the video on SonyLiv’s program, the 18 + Movie OTT Rights were obtained. Additionally, the post-promotion may become made available as soon as possible. You can also watch more films streaming on SonyLiv, which will reveal the standard changes.

Movie Satellite Rights, age 18 +

Everyone is eager to watch the 18 + movie on TV from the comfort of their own home as soon as it hits theaters. For a television network to broadcast the movie on television, the film producer will grant the dish rights. The 18 + movie dish right will soon be updated. The official channel’s satellite freedom for the 18 + movie to stream on their system will soon be updated. Before the dish is launched, there will be a significant advertising.

18+ Release Date for OTT

SonyLiv bagged the digital streaming rights to 18+. The movie was scheduled to premiere on the OTT streaming service on 15 September 2023. So, We can expect the 18+ Movie Digital release on SonyLiv and the Transfer Day for Theatrics for the movie is on July 07, 2023.

Movie video, age 18 +

The 18 + movie’s trailer has been properly released. You can view and like the 18 + movie trailer that we have attached by playing the video above. If you have any questions about The 18 + Movie, please feel free to comment below. We are constantly updating our information.

How to View on OTT for 18 +

  • Visit the OTT platform’s established website or download the app to watch the movie streaming electronically.
  • Make a password if you are new to the Platform by signing up with your email address or phone number.
  • If you already use the OTT software, enter your login information and password.
  • You will be directed to the home section after logging in, where you can watch the most recent movies available on the OTT system.
  • The research page, where you must enter the name of the movie in the search bar, is located.
  • You will then receive the relevant film as a result. By selecting the language you want to watch the movie in, you can now see it by clicking the Watch Then option.
  • Please select the title option in the lower right corner of the screen if you need them.
  • You can now watch the movie in the convenience of your own house.

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Movie Faq Questions for 18 +

Yes, 18+ Released on July 7, 2023.

SonyLiv is the name of the OTT platform for 18 + movies.
The 18 + OTT Transfer time is 15 September 2023.

The 18+ Theatrical Release date is July 7, 2023.

The 18 + Movie is available in Malayalam.

The cast of 18+ is Naslen, Mathew Thomas, and Nikhila Vimal.

The Music director of 18+ Movie is Xavier Christo.

Jose Arun is the director of 18+ Movie.

The Chakko Chaman is the Editor of 18+ Film.

Kurup Satheesh have done the Cinematography of 18+ Movie.

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