An 18-Year-Old Girl Dies in a Car Accident, Who Was a Star Athlete and  Broke the High School Relay Record

An 18-year-old girl dies in a car accident, who was a star athlete and broke the high school relay record

The girl who died in the car accident was named Kenna Wilson. The incident happened in the early hours of Friday, June 7.

According to the sources, the accident happened on the Florida highway. Kenna was driving her Honda Accord model 2008 on the southbound lanes with a 17-year-old boy.

Then suddenly a 2015 Luxes Sudan driven by a 23-year-old man was hit at the back of Kenna’s car.

Her stepmother said “She was just leaving after meeting her friend in the emergency room of Cleveland Clinic Traditional Hospital.

“The collision resulted in both vehicles colliding with trees and the passengers being sent to nearby hospitals. Wilson was declared dead at 3:27 a.m., roughly two hours after the incident.

“The status of Wilson’s passenger and the Lexus driver remains unclear. PEOPLE has contacted the Florida Highway Patrol for an update.”

In a Facebook post, his high school shared condolence and wrote “In a hard time of that incident they said to hold up the memories of Kenna, and she was always a favorite member of the Martin County High School community.

Reaction of Kenna’s coach on her death

Kenna Wilson’s head coach, Chris Thompson, remembered her as a “very fiery competitor” who held herself to a high standard. He recalled how she and her teammates worked together every day all season, doing workouts and perfecting their relay handoff to achieve a new school relay record of 49.64 seconds.

How did the accident happen?

Kenna Wilson is driving her Honda Accord 2008 model with a boy of 17-year-old on the southbound lanes.

Then suddenly a 2015 model Luxes Sudan driven by a 23-year-old man, was hit from the back of her car and both the car left the road and struck the trees.

Where did she come from before the crash?

Kenna Wilson just left the Cleveland Clinic Traditional Hospital after trying to meet her friend who was in the emergency room of that hospital

Kenna’s mother’s words on her death

Lorena Wilson, Kenna Wilson’s stepmother, who adopted her after her mother’s passing, described Kenna as a vibrant and lively individual who brought joy to those around her. ‘She was the life of the party,’ Lorena Wilson recalled on Tuesday. ‘She had a transmissible laugh and an ability to make everyone smile. She loved music and would often wake up early, eager to get moving and start her day with a bang.


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