A 6-year-old girl died due to a badminton racket during a vacation with family in Maine

Lucy Morgan, A 6-year-old girl dies due badminton accident

A girl named Lucy Morgan died after being struck by the badminton racket.

The head of the girl was accidentally struck in the broken badminton racket said by the police.

The incident happened on June 1, when the girl was playing with her younger brother in the front yard of the cottage in Limerick, Maine, where the aluminum shaft of the badminton racket came off the wooden handle and spiked her head said the police and the girl’s father. 

After the accident happened, she was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital and then shifted to the Maine Medical Center in Portland.

Where she died on June 5 after many treatments.

According to the police, it was an unintentional accident and an autopsy was conducted that states that it was an accident.

The Father of Lucy Morgan, Mr. Jesse Morgan, and the priest wrote a blog on that incident and her daughter’s time in the hospital.

He wrote all the things that happened to Lucy Morgan during the accident and during the time treatment in the hospital.

Blogs of Mr. Morgan about Lucy Morgan 

He wrote a day-by-day blog in which he said,

On June 1, He wrote, This morning, a freak accident left our daughter Lucy with a catastrophic brain injury. She is in critical condition, and the prognosis is grim. We are praying for a miracle and clinging to our faith during this unimaginably painful time. Please pray for us.

On June 2, Lucy’s condition remains critical. We’re fighting to reduce swelling and regulate vitals. Despite the challenges, we’re finding hope in the love and support of our community and in the word of God.

On June 3, Today was another difficult day as Lucy’s condition remains critical. Despite some stabilization, the extent of her brain injury is becoming clearer. We continue to pray for a miracle while preparing for the possibility of her passing. Our hearts are heavy.

On  June 4, I faced a discouraging day with a global hypoxic brain injury diagnosis. Two other surgeons were doing a high level of work to save Lucy.

On June 5, That day 1:32 am doctors confirmed that she was dead due to brain injury. 

Mr. Morgan wrote in his blog about the condition of his siblings, a 4-year-old boy, an 8-year-old girl, and a 10-year-old boy.

His 8-year-old girl named “Shiloh” was breakdown immediately after hearing the news of her sister’s death. She and Lucy were best friends as they were middle girls.


How old was Lucy Morgan at the time of death?

Lucy Morgan was 6 years old at the time of death.

What was the reason for Lucy Morgan’s death?

Lucy Morgan’s death was due to a broken badminton racket struck into the skull.

How many siblings does Lucy Morgan have?

Lucy Morgan has 3 siblings. 2 brothers and 1 sister.

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