A 5-year-old girl was hospitalized in the ICU after being choked

Marley jonas

A 5-year-old girl, whose name was Marley Jones, was choked by a jump rope at a summer camp in Atlanta, Georgia, on June 13, 2024. She was rushed to the ICU and underwent an MRI scan, which resulted in no brain damage. Marley is now recovering at home under close medical supervision after the freak accident.

What Happened With 5-Year-Old Girl

on June 13, 2024, A five-year-old girl, Marley Jones, was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) after an accident at a summer camp in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Marley Jonas was playing near a slide when she was accidentally choked by a jump rope left on the ground, which led to her losing consciousness. Then the  Camp staff found her unresponsive and immediately took her to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for critical care. The medical team saw her condition and placed her on a ventilator to assist her breathing.

An MRI scan was done on June 16 resulted in no significant brain injury, and the doctors allowed her to continue her recovery at home under close medical supervision.

Marley’s family expressed gratitude for the quick response of the camp staff and medical team, which helped save her life. They are now focusing on her recovery, which is expected to be a long and challenging process.

The incident serves as a severe reminder of the importance of caution and safety measures in ensuring the well-being of children, especially in entertainment setups. It highlights the need for camps and other organizations to prioritize safety and take active steps to prevent such accidents from occurring in the future.

Response Of The Summer Camp Staff And Family Of Marley Jonas

  • Camp Staff Response: The camp staff discovered Marley unconscious and immediately transported her to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for critical care
  • Family Response: Marley’s family established a GoFundMe campaign to help manage her escalating medical bills
  • Community Support: The camp community and residents have been rallying around Marley and her family, offering emotional support and financial assistance through the GoFundMe campaign


What was the reason for the 5-year-old girl’s accident?

The girl was choked by a jump rope during summer camp.

On what date was the incident with the 5-year-old girl?

The incident with the 5-year-old girl happened on June 13.

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