A London Driver Refusing the Money from A mum For Hospital

A London Driver Refusing the Money from A mum For Hospital

A London Driver Refusing the Money from A mum For Hospital Great Ormond Street she is taking her son to the Hospital. The taxi color driver, who wanted to remain anonymous, allowed My London to use the video which is mandatory in taxis for insurance purposes and this amazing video has gone viral on social media platforms since it was shared on Thursday (June 10).

The woman goes to hand over the money for the fare the driver says: “I don’t think you understand me you don’t get to pay the money to me. The taxi driver is outside the children’s hospital in Bloomsbury.

“Great Ormond Street Charity Hospital, they said that I do not take payment.”

The woman is visibly shocked and extremely grateful as she thanks the driver as he does for his son.

She thanks the driver multiple times before leaving the cab and the driver replies: “You take care, of yourself and your son.”

It was a heartwarming motion that many were saying restored their faith in humanity, especially after a long hard pandemic.

My London Spoke to Karen, the chair for United Cabbies Group, an organization for taxi drivers across the capital. The United Cabbies Group (UCG) was formed in 2010 by licensed taxi drivers who were “discouraged by the way the trade was being treated”, according to its website. Its board is composed solely of working taxi drivers. This company works well they help the people.

The women said the motion was ‘part of a long tradition’ and ‘Part of human life’ of London cabbies.

“When you get a fare to Great Ormond Street they do not charge the money from the customer,” she explained. It’s now a run-of-the-mill thing we do.

“A lot of parents regularly do trips to the hospital and we have maintained this no-fare tradition for a long time.

Sometimes we find good people near us who can understand the feelings of other people. What a beautiful soul this man is and his company. We need more people like you out there to make this world a better place. 

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