A man in Florida [USA] found himself an illegal resident after living there for 60 years

man in USA discovers he was illegal resident aftr 60 years

A man named Jimmy Klass has been living in the USA since he was 2 years old. Found that he was an illegal resident there.

This disclosure was made when Social Security denied him benefits. He recently said to the news channel that “ he came to the US in the year 1960s”.

He assumes that he had gained US citizenship through his father. He said that “his father belonged to Brooklyn, New York, and moved to the US when I was 2 years old.  

Mr. Klass has been in the US since childhood and took a part in the federal voting system for decades

Outside the Jimmy Klass house symbol of America i.e. American flag hangs not just in the front but at the back of his house also. 

Mr. Klass discovered that, after living for more than a half-century, where he has grown up, where he worked, where he married and had kids and even voted in the federal voting system. He found himself as an illegal resident 

Social Security benefits denied 

When Mr. Klass applied for Social Security benefits, he was denied to give these benefits. The reason that was given to Mr. Klass was he was not a legal citizen of the USA.

Once he thought he was kidding, but when the letter received that stated that he hadn’t proven his a legal citizen in the USA.

How Did Jimmy Klass Come to the USA?

Mr. Klass was born in Canada and his mom was a Canadian, but his father was American but born in New York.

When he was 2 years old his family moved to America and since then he has lived there and assumed that he got citizenship from his father.

He shows many documents to prove his citizenship like his old driving license when they were on paper, and other documents which include some pictures that show he was living here for many years. 

He says that the question was not raised when he got his Social Security card, Driving license, and voter registration card. 

He also said that “the question of citizenship was not raised when he applied for marine in the US military and was approved, he says they only ask for a social security card and his driver’s license.


In which year Mr. Klass moved to the USA?

In the 1960s Mr. Klass moved to the USA.

Mr. Klass was how old when he moved to the USA.

Mr. Klass was 2 years old when he moved to the USA.

Where was Mr. Klass’s father born?

Mr. Klass’s father was born in Brooklyn, New York.

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