A prisoner in Georgia shoots and kills the Food Service Worker Inside The Prison

food service worker killed by georgia prisnor

A prisoner of the Smith State Prison in southeast Georgia, killed a food service worker by a gunshot inside the prison on June 16 at 4:30.A.M. The prisoner who killed the worker was named Jaydrakus Hart and whom she killed was named Aureon Shavea Grace, a worker of the company Aramark that provides food in the prison.

What Happened In The Georgia Prison?

On June 16, 2024, a shocking incident happened at Smith State Prison in rural Georgia when Prisnor Jaydrekus Hart, serving a 20-year sentence for voluntary manslaughter, shot and killed Aureon Shavea Grace, a 24-year-old food service worker, inside the prison’s kitchen. 

After she killed the food service worker, Hart then used the same gun to kill himself. 

An another incident happened In October 2023, a correctional officer named Robert Clark, of age 42, was killed.

Correctional Officer Robert Clark was taking two offenders from the dining hall when one offender assaulted him from behind with a homemade weapon, This incident shows the ongoing issues of violence at Smith State Prison

Where Did Hart Get The Gun?

The prisoner of the Smith State Prison killed the food service worker with a gunshot. And till now it was unclear that, where the prisoner of Smith State Prison, Jaydrkus Hart got the gun. Now the Gun was under the custody of GDC(Georgia Department of Correction).

Reaction Of The Company, Colleague, And Friends On Grace’s Death

The company, colleagues, and friends of Aureon Shavea Grace, a 24-year-old food service worker killed at Smith State Prison, show their tribute by reacting with profound sadness and shock. The company says that they provide quick support to Aureon’s family, by a gathering or a meal to show respect and care and for colleagues to overcome with emotion, struggling to come by the loss of their colleague and friend. They made a supportive network, offering each other comfort during this difficult time. Colleagues organized a memorial or tribute to honor Aureon’s memory, such as a photo display or a donation in her name. Friends shared memories and sympathy, and the community came together to support Aureon’s family, organizing a memorial or tribute to honor her memory.


Who killed the food service worker in prison?

A prisoner of Smith State Prison shot and killed the food service worker

Where did the prisoner get the gun?

It was unclear where the prisoner, Jaydrkus Hart, got the gun.

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