Alyson Sandro Wiki, Age, Instagram, Birthday and Child

Alyson Sandro

Alyson Sandro was born on April 11, 1995. She worked as a dental nurse and orthodontic therapist. And get attention due to her relationship with Irish actor Barry Keoghan.

Alyson Sandro was a  Scottish native born in early April, has built a successful career in the dental industry. As a dental nurse and orthodontic therapist, she has sharpened her skills in various roles. Despite her professional achievements, Sandro’s early life and personal background remain somewhat private, with her nationality and birth month being the only publicly known details about her early years.

Met Barry Keoghan

Alyson Sandro and Barry Keoghan met at a bar in London in early 2021. They started dating and had a son named Brando in August 2022. Barry Keoghan shared the news of their son’s birth on Instagram, saying he took a day off from filming to be there for the birth and was grateful for the experience.

Relationship With Barry Keoghan

Alyson Sandro and Barry Keoghan were together for about three years before they announced their breakup in July 2023. Even after their separation, they have continued to work together to raise their son. Barry Keoghan has praised Alyson Sandro, saying she is an “amazing mom” and that she is very dedicated to their child.

Alyson Sandor And Barry Keoghan child

Alyson Sandor and Barry Keoghan had a child together, a boy whose name is Brando Keoghan has been inspired by the famous actor Marlon Brando. Even though Keoghan and Sandor broke up in the summer of 2023, they have remained friendly and focused on co-parenting their son. 

Personal Life And Travels

Alyson Sandro really likes to travel and often posts pictures of her trips on social media. She has been to many places, like Spain, London, and New York City, and she usually brings her son Brando with her.

Past Activity Of Alyson Sandor

After her breakup with Barry Keoghan, Alyson Sandro has been seen liking comments on social media that praise her for being a single mom and raising her son, Brando, by herself. This has led people to wonder if she’s trying to make a statement about her situation.


What is the age of Alyson Sandor?

The current age of Alyson Sandor is 29.

What is the name of Alyson Sandor’s son?

The name of her son is Brando Keoghan.

What is the profession of Alyson Sandro?

She was a dental nurse and orthodontic therapist by profession.

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