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Ambapani Eco Tourism: If we talk about the areas in Gujarat that are beautiful in nature, Saurashtra comes first from a spiritual perspective, followed by South Gujarat from the perspective of nature. If we count from Saputara, the border of Maharashtra, you have to spend two days straight just to see the tourist places in Dang and Tapi districts. Including Ambapani Ecotourism of Tapi District, Ukai Dam, Songadh Fort, Gaumukh Energy Tourism, Don Hill Station, Saputara, Mahal Campsite, Giradhodh, Girmal Dhody, Shabaridham, Pampa Sarovar, and other locations in the Dang District. Furthermore, there are a few nearby locations in the Navsari area.

Ambapani Eco Tourism

In the Dolwan taluka of the Tapi area, in the town of Amania, also known as Ambapani, a natural education center has been built. 35 kilometers separate Bhenskatari Road from this eco-tourism community. The District Tourism Development Committee Tapi built this location in accordance with the Forest Department’s execution plan for the years 2016 to 2020.

Information On The Ambapani Eco Tourism Site (Online Ticketing, Camping, etc.)

Ambapani Eco Tourism DetailsInformation
LocationGujarat’s Amania / Ambapani village, Dolwan taluka, Tapi district
the length to Vyara35 kilometers
Choices for lodgingTent, Tree House, and AC Room( approximate cost: $2,000 )
Phone Quantity for Reservations(1) Bachubhai- 6352208449, lt, br & gt
Activities/AttractionsFishing, staying in a tree home, kids’ play area, and sporting gear
Choices for foodCanteen with cold drinks, snacks, and meals( desi dangi food )
FacilitiesMajor wall, food judge, kitchen, gazebo, kayaking deck, seating bench, and equipment-equipped children’s play area
Highlightnatural beauty and branched plants
Scope for growthactions for water sports and valley bridge
Online reservationsNo accessible; simply offline reservations

Best Location For Nature Lovers To Browse:

This location is crucial for those who enjoy character. The jungle is flourishing here during the rainfall season. You will undoubtedly experience a sense of being in the business of nature while sitting around. One can experience the natural chill below, and the entire area has the appearance of a green carpet. People who regularly use air conditioners may also feel the cold air and really enjoy it.

Ambapani Eco Tourism

The Amenities At The Tent Are:

There aren’t many facilities here that are actually pretty good. On the institutions of the Purna River is where Ambapani Eco Tourism is situated. Water can be seen here for several months because of the search bridge. Therefore, fishing facilities have also been established there by the tourism division.

Study: Mahal Camp, yea

Tourists have a unique attraction called the Tree House. It is necessary to take advantage of the pleasure of living in this branch home. The Tree House has a viewing veranda in front of it and is situated on the banks of the river.

Additionally, different children’s sports equipment has also been placed below.

Visitors can also use the restaurant features for meals and foods. Additionally, you can eat five dinners of desi dangi food around. Additionally, cool coffee and other beverages are readily available. Ok.

Main Gate, Food Court, Kitchen, Gazebo, Boating Deck, Sitting Bench, Tree House, Children’s Play Area with Equipment, etc. are additional visitor attractions.

For this eco-tourism, there are still many features that can be built. The distance of this tourist destination can be cut by 10 to 12 kms if a smaller river causeway is built around. Additionally, it is possible to connect to the main thoroughfare of holiday destinations like Mayadevi and Mahal.

In addition, there is water in the Purna River for several months, so many water sports activities may be developed around. We anticipate that the management will soon build more stunning services than this.

The branched plants in this eco-tourism area are one of the features of my trip. You get the impression that you are sitting in the lap of nature thanks to the shade provided by the branched trees below. The majority of the timber and other exotic trees call it home. Some also appear to be older than 100 years old.

Hotel And Food Costs:-

  • Camp
  • 2000 Electric Room in the Tree House

Ambapani Eco Tourism Online Booking, Site Tickets

Visitation is not necessary with authority. However, for an overnight sit, call no. Making a reservation is required; just online reservations are accepted.

Phone number for internet reservations

Bachubhai Mo. (1) Dhanabhai Mo. 6352208449 (2) 6351059580.

More Information About This Location:

The neighborhood Sakhi Mandali even arranges lodging, tea, meals, and meals. where foods called desi dangi are available. This region is where the whole river flows. so that it is covered by a check. Liquid remains that for a long time. where a ship is kept for travelers. There is still a lot of room and possibilities for this facility to grow. In this regard, there are programs for group tourism and ongoing training in the fields of hospitality, health training, etc. To provide a live environment for the site and ongoing visitors and trainees, as well as to automatically continue this program, an ecotourism environment has been created in the heart of Amaniya/Ambapani.

  • Food Court, Gazebo =& gt
  • Kitchen =& gt, Tree House
  • Main gate =& gt, equipment for children’s play area
  • Parking lot =& gt, Paving and cubing work
  • Boating deck =& gt, bench seat
  • Signage =& gt, effective toilet block renovation work
  • Construction of the existing Visitors Center and the Tenmet Area Plinth
  • Landscape =& gt Electrical

Also, check bio of these people:

How To Get Ambapani Eco Tourism?

Ambapani Eco Tourism is located at a distance of 35 kilometers from Vyara, the headquarters of Tapi district. Here you can easily reach Bheskatari Road by bike or car.

May I Book A Trip With Ambapani Eco Tourism Electronically?

Online reservations for Ambapani Eco Tourism are not already accepted. Contacting the following statistics will result in an online reservation: Bachubhai at 6352208449 or Dhanabhais at 6351059580.

What Is Ambapani Eco Tourism’s Phone Amount?

For internet reservations, Ambapani Eco Tourism’s phone number is available. For arranging questions, get in touch with Bachubhai at 6352208449 or Dhanabhain at 6351059580.

How Far Is Ambapani Eco Tourism From The Closest Town Or City?

Ambapani Eco Tourism is located at a distance of 35 kilometers from Vyara, the headquarters of Tapi district and 85 km form surat.

What Types Of Lodging Are Offered By Ambapani Eco Tourism?

Houses and Electric areas in tree houses are available for lodging at Ambapani Eco Tourism.

What Is The Price Of A Remain At Ambapani Eco Tourism?

The cost of an AC place in a tree house is$ 2,000 per day. The price of houses and other lodging options is never mentioned in the knowledge that is available.

Does Ambapani Eco Tourism Serve Foods?

Yes, Ambapani Eco Tourism serves foods. Drink, snacks, and meals, including desi dangi meal, are prepared by the native Sakhi Mandali.

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