Angeles Florez Peon, Militiawoman of the Spanish Civil War, Dies At the age of 105

Angeles Florez Peon

Angeles Florez Peon, the militiawomen of the Spanish Civil War died at the age of 105. She was known as Maricuela, she spent her four years in the prison and 55 years in the exile. Angeles Florez was just 17 years old when she faced artillery fire and other challenges to bring food to her other Republican volunteer in northern Spain during the Spanish Civil War.

And at the age of 18, she worked as a nurse and wounded the Republic Volunteer who was injured in the civil war. 

Later she was arrested and sentenced to 15 years in women’s prison because the nationalist troops attacked the hospital where she worked and arrested her. She said that “she remembers by her memory that other prisoners who were arrested were taken out in the night and shot dead.

Angeles Florez Peon Death Cause

The main death cause of the Spanish’s last militiawomen, Angeles Florez Peon was mentioned in the given information

Pedro Sanchez the socialist prime minister of Spain paid tribute to her on social media, he said “105 years of dignity, commitment and struggle for equality, liberty and social justice.”

Who Was Angeles Florez Peon And Her Legacy?

Angeles Florez Peon was known as Maricuela and she was Spanish activist and militiawoman who played a important role in the Spanish Civil War.

Angeles Florez was born on November 17, in the year 1918, in Blimea, Spain. Her family background was politically strong and her life was in poverty and hardship which leads her to socialist youth in 1936.  And she start working at the age of 9 as a floor scrubber to support her family. 

She lost her brother whose name was Antonio in the suppression of the October 1934 revolutionary strike at the Carabayin. And this motivates her to join the socialist youth in the year 1936.

When the Spanish Civil War started in July 1936, Angeles Florez Peon, known as Maricuela, was already engaged in the socialist movement. She had been cast as the protagonist in Jacinto Sanchez’s play “Arriba los Pobres del Mundo” (“Up with the Poor of the World”), and her character’s name stuck. As she joined the militia, she recalled that men and women were treated equally, sharing stories of her experiences: “We moved between shootings and bombs and slept with our clothes on so we could run when necessary. I remember that one of the things I enjoyed most when I came home on leave was sleeping in a bed with sheets,” she said. Despite not engaging in direct battle, she was “never afraid of General Franco’s bullets.”

About The Family of Angeles Florez Peon

 Her family background was not financially healthy. Her father was a miner, and her mother was a midwife. She had four siblings, including her older brother Antonio, who was killed in the 1934 revolutionary strike. She married Graciano Rozada Vallina, a miner and union official, in 1946. They shifted to France in 1949, where she remained active in politics. She returned to Spain in 2003 and settled in Gijon, where she passed away in 2024 at the age of 105. She is survived by a daughter and a son.


What was the age Angeles Florez Peon at her Death?

Angeles Florez Peon was 105 years old at her death.

What was the reason for the death of Angeles Florez Peon?

The exact reason was not publically disclosed by the authorities.

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