Angie Harmon’s Daughter Arrested in North Carolina Over Alleged Nightclub Break-In

Angie Harmon's Daughter Arrested in North Carolina Over Alleged Nightclub Break-In

Angela Michelle Harmon (born August 10, 1972) is an American actress and model. She won the Seventeen’s modeling contest in 1987 at the age of 15, signed with IMG Models, and appeared on covers for magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Esquire. Angie Harmon’s daughter arrested Avery Sehorn, and NFL star Jason Sheorn, was freed from jail without bail after she was busted for breaking into a bar and stealing hundreds of Dollars worth of booze, according to a report.

Angie Harmon’s 18-year-old daughter was released from jail after making a promise to the judge regarding an upcoming court appearance. Avery Sehorn, the daughter of the actress and former NFL star Jason Sehorn, was arrested and charged with Felony larceny, and breaking only a few days after her high school graduation.

After Sehron was detained by the police, though, she was released after making a ‘written promise to appear’ at her next hearing on June 28 at Mecklenburg Country Courthouse instead of a bond.

As a result, the 18-year-old, who was arrested after allegedly breaking into a North Carolina nightclub to steal more than $500 worth of alcohol, was freed from jail without having to post bail. There were no other apparent conditions for her release.

According to the court documents viewed by, Sehorn’s release was ‘ authorized upon execution of her written promise to appear in court. The unusual written promise was made to Judge Teresa Stokes in the Mecklenburg Country Courthouse. The documents also reveal that Sehorn will be ‘required to provide fingerprints.’ Her court date is set for June 28.

It also appears that ‘electronic warrants’ that were assigned to her the teen were canceled. The 18-year-old allegedly snuck into the nightclub through the backdoor with two 17-year-old boys, before hiding behind the bar and imbibing the booze. Sehom’s arrest came just days after Harmon gushed over her daughter in a graduation post, where her daughter shared how she was “immensely proud’ and Avery ‘ to leave every place better than you found it.’

Harmon expressed her shock that Sehorn was about to start her senior year of high school.

The arrest, first reported by WCCB Charlotte, came outside the World Night Club in Charlotte. An Owner of the club told the outlet that the trio stole six bottles of liquor from his club and fled the scene after being caught by his cleaning staff.

Police arrested the teens shortly after their gateway, and the club owner said he has surveillance of the incident but has no plans to release it. Her daughter graduated from Charlotte Christian School on June 2 and was seen beaming alongside her sisters and mom at her ceremony earlier this month. She is reportedly set to attend the University of Alabama in the fall.

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