Perfect Match Season 2: Are Harry Jowsey And  Jessica Vestal Still Together?

Perfect Match Season 2: Are Harry Jowsey And Jessica Vestal Still Together?

Harry Jowsey and Jessica Vestal hit it off on Perfect Match Season 2, but they have not stayed together. The longtime Netflix reality star shockingly joined the cast of Perfect Match Season 2 alongside a slate of network alums. During the first Season of Too Hot To Handle, he got attendance where he started dating fellow Netflix personality Francesca Farago. They dated after their appearance on the show but have spilt and are now popular reality stars. Harry was a bombshell casting decision for a perfect match, and he has already brought a lot of drama to the show.

The perfect match gave Harry a redemption edit while he seemingly found a connection with Jessica. Hailing from Love Is Blind season 6, Jessica did not find love but garnered a lot of popularity after her stint on the show. As a single mother, Jessica went into the experiment with puree intentions and was invited back for Perfect Match Season 2 in hopes of finding a better partner. Since Harry and Jessica met on the show, they have been glued at the hip. They seem like a strong couple, but there have been advancements in their relationship since after filming.

After their first meeting on The Perfect Match, Harry and Jessica had a connection. They were an unlikely duo, to stay the least. Harry is known as the playboy of the Netflix universe. He has already appeared on one of the network’s most infamous reality dating shows, Too Hot To Handle. His lifestyle varied greatly compared to Jessica, a single mother. Harry’s casting on another reality dating show was not surprising but could be controversial Despite their difference, they got along well on Perfect Match.

They both confirmed they dating each other after the filming ended. They could not have a public relationship because the show had not aired after they filmed in the summer of 2023. No one knew the idea that they were dating toward the back half of the year. When Love Is Blind Season 6 Premiered in February 2024, the audience had no clue Jessica had not found a match on that show and had a relationship with Harry.

Why Harry Jowsey and Jessica Vestal are not together?

While Harry Posted content that he and Jessica were still together on Instagram, they have broken up. On his podcast Boyfriend Material, Harry confirmed he and Jessica broke things off. They split due to speculation surrounding his relationship with Dancing with the Stars professional dancer Rylee Arnold. Because Perfect Match had not aired, he had to keep his relationship with Jessica private. After joining the dancing show, he got close to Rylee. 

They built a friendship during their time on DWTS, but it was rumored they developed feelings for each other. They teased this aspect of their relationship on social media by participating in couple-like trends and spending time together outside the dance studio.

Harry and Jessica from Perfect Match are no longer together. Even though he has posted several pictures and videos with the Love Is Blind star, They had ended their relationship. Perfect Match season 2, but now they are no longer a couple.

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