Ariana Grande Breaks Silence On Nickelodeon Allegations


A very famous singer who also acted when she was a child “Ariana Grande” exposed the hidden truth of Nickelodeon about disturbing scenes that sexualized kids in “Quiet Set: The Dark Side Of Kids TV”. She made allegations that there are adults working on the Nickelodeon network who have convinced people of inappropriate and abusive sexual conduct involving child actors for years.

“Quiet Set: The Dark Side Of Kids TV” is based on the allegation going on Nickelodeon. In this movie, there are some children who get sexually harassed and else from Nickelodeon, and Nickelodeon makes harassing videos of children. Ariana found so much sexual harassment, racism, assault, misogyny and so many more disturbing scenes from her show “Victorious” and “Sam & Cat”.

After the release of “Quiet Set: The Dark Side Of Kids TV” there were so many disturbing videos. She said there were scenes of “Victorious” and “Sam & Cat” she saw at an early age, they filmed her licking own toes, sticking her finger down to her throat and squirting water on her face while she was in bed and so more.

How Ariana Grande Did “Victorious” & “Sam & Cat”

He talked about how she did the “Victorious” & “Sam & Cat” She said she didn’t even know about that she was convinced by them and they forced her to do that. Now when she watches the scenes for her show she says how they did this with a small child it is a very shameful thing for them. She said “You think about it, it’s like, ‘If I had a daughter … ’ ” Ariana Grande told this everything in a podcast.

She said so many children face sexual harassment by Nickelodeon. You can see “Quiet Set: The Dark Side Of Kids TV” The incidents are true in that some artists are them who faced this harassment by Nickelodeon. 

Brian Peck Convicted Jailed For Sex Offender

After the release of Quiet Set, the case went to the court and the Judge watched the proof of the incidents after analysing everything he announced that Brian Peck was a sex offender and convicted in jail. Jailed for 16 months. Right now in 2024, Brian Peck got bail and he still making movies according to his IMDB. He lives in Los Angeles California, Paparazzi watched him currently.

How old was Ariana when she was on Nickelodeon?

Ariana Grande was just 14 years old when she signed “Victorious” which was created between 2010-2013 of four series.

How much did Nickelodeon pay Ariana Grande?

She got $9000 for per episode.

What was the old Nickelodeon show with Ariana Grande?

“Victorious” was her old Nickelodeon show.

What kid show did Ariana Grande play in?

She played in two kid shows “Victorious” & “Sam & Cat”.

What did Ariana Grande’s mom do?

Her mom’s name is “Joan Grande”. She is the CEO of Hose-McCann Communications, a manufacturer of marine communications equipment owned by the Grande Family since 1964 and a graphic design firm owner in Boka Raton.

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