Ariana Grande On Her voice change In the Podcast Clip, Replied It Was Intentional And A “Habit”


A video is getting viral everywhere TikTok, Instagram, Facebook etc. In which Ariana Grande changed her voice and one user commented on the video called her out for her voice change. Ariana Grande noticed that video and commented on this, clapped back and said the voice change was due to “habit”.

The clip of the video was taken from Penn Bedgley’s podcast “Podcrushed”, in which Ariana was a guest. The podcast was of Penn Badgley’s in which Ariana was singing and suddenly switched her voice from deep-sounding to a high pitch.

Ariana said this for the video “I’m speaking like this for two years and also for my vocal health,” I intentionally change my vocal placement (high/low) often depending on how much singing I’m doing,” she added. “I’ve always done this, BYE.”

Ariana was very busy in 2023 because of the shooting of the film adaption of “Wicked” which was playing a role as Glinda who is a Good Witch.

Just before the week, Ariana Grande announced her upcoming remix version of the smash hit “The Boy is Mine”, in which there are features of very famous singers Brandy and Monica.

The upcoming song “The Boy is Mine” is the song of her album “Eternal Sunshine”, this is a comeback album of Ariana Grande which was released in March. In which there is a single “we can’t be friends (wait for you love).”

For her fans, Ariana dropped the official music video of “The Boy is Mine” this month in which there are features of Penn, Brandy and Monica.

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