Ayakashi Triangle Release Date [Trailer, Story]

Ayakashi Triangle Release Date
Ayakashi Triangle, a high-dose gay animation, debuted on January 10th, 2023.

All of the anime-related knowledge was made public in a particular spread on the Aniplex YouTube channel after an entire season of silence.

This collection is painted in a variety of styles. It includes both big ecchi and gentle action genres. Additionally, there will be hero and Chinese folklore throughout the setting.

What can be expected from Ayakashi Triangle with such a jumble of categories? This discuss that now!

Release Date for Ayakashi Triangle

Release Date for Ayakashi Triangle

At 11:00 AM( UTC ), the countdown to January 10, 2023 begins.



The Ayakashi Triangle has already been made public!

On December 18, 2021, during Shueisha’s Jump Festa occurrence, the genre version of Ayakashi Triangle was revealed.

Soon after, Shueisha launched the official Twitter site and website for the anime series.

After nine weeks of solitude, the principal cast’s list was made public. On November 22, 2022, the precise radio plan was finally made public. The anime’s debut was scheduled for January 10, 2023.

The anime is being directed by Noriaki Akitaya( Bakuman ). Shougo Yasukawa( Food Wars ) wrote the script, and Rei Ishizuka( Cuckoo’s Fiancee ) is in charge of the music.

Trailer for Ayakashi Triangle

On November 22, 2022, the second Solar and the broadcast schedule were both made available.

It includes character meetings as well as the cast.

Kazamaki has two VA because his identity may be altered. The female variant may be sung by Shouya Chiba, and the female version by Miyu Tomita.

Ichinose Kana and Genda Tesshou are the voices of Shirogane and Kazamaki’s love, Kande Suzu.

The introduction,” Neppu wa Ruten – suru ,” is provided by Philosophy no Dance. The ending song,” Itowanai ,” is sung by Miyu Tomita and Kana Ichinose on MIMiNARI.

The series is being produced by Studio Connect( Strike the Blood ).

Triangle of Ayakashi

The imaginary city of Omiko is the setting for the story. a rural area that is inhabited not only by people but also by the unstoppable nature Ayakashi.

Although most Ayakashi are isolationists, not all of them are. Additionally, there are some nefarious ayakashi among them.

There are numerous clans of tale ninjas with expensive jutsu to protect the public in order to counter the threat. These factions are immediately affiliated with the Exorcist Ninja Association, a government agency.

Matsuri Kazamaki, a fresh tale, is the main character in the series. Kanade Suzu, a childhood friend of his, is able to view Ayakashi despite being an ordinary person.

It turns out that she is an ayakashi medium — a being that serves as the link between humans and other beings. She draws several ayakashi because of this. Kazamaki therefore spends his formative years defending her.

Decades later, Shirogane, King Ayakashi, attacks Suzu. Kazamaki saves her before being devoured.

Kazamaki intends to enshrine the majority of his power in the scroll after failing to fight Shirogane. Shirogane casts a torment to transform Kazamaki into women before his strength is sealed.

The tale of Kazamaki the woman and his love Suzu next begins. What may transpire in their union? This delay until the anime is broadcast.

News from the Ayakashi Triangle

The comic with the same name as Ayakashi Triangle serves as its inspiration. It was made by Yabuki Kentarou.

Reo x Leo, a one-shot comic that was released on February 9, 2019, served as the foundation for the idea of comics.

On Shueisha’s Weekly Shounen Jump on June 15, 2020, the Ayakashi Triangle began.

The collection doesn’t have a history of success. In April 2022, it relocated to Shonen Jump +. On January 2022, Viz, who is in charge of online publishing Ayakashi Triangle, banned pages 74 and 75 from their game.

Even after Seven Seas Entertainment granted the electric and printed formats official licenses in March 2022, they refrained from speaking.

Ayakashi Triangle has a full of 11 amounts of comic published as of November 2022. Just one level of the American translation has been released in the interim.

Expectation of the Ayakashi Triangle

In each section of the comic, Ayakashi Triangle, like another Yabuki works, offers a variety of fan services.

The dmitry growth between Kazamaki and Suzu is what distinguishes them. In July 2020, the series’ creator announced that it would depict various types of connection triangles outside of love.

Despite the fact that the yuri style is popular, there are still plenty of female characters. To stabilize it out, Soga Ninokuru, Kazamaki’s enemy, presents himself as a straight man.

The collection is being filled with a special blend of styles. Is it outsell To Like Ru in terms of reputation? Come find out in the animation 2023 spring schedule!

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