Bekaboo Stars Eisha Singh and Shalin Bhanot Clarify Relationship Status: We’re Just Good Friends!”

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Off-screen tales are frequently a topic of interest for fans in the television industry. Players Eisha Singh and Shalin Bhanot from the well-known television program Bekaboo have, nevertheless, come forth to refute stories about their marriage. The brilliant duo who plays the lead couple on the show has dispelled the rumors by stating that they are merely close friends and coworkers.

Relationship between Shalin Bhanot and Eisha Singh from Bekaboo

Recent reports asserted that Eisha and Shalin’s marriage had gone beyond the bounds of friendship despite the apparent chemistry between them both on and off the screen. Followers and media outlets everywhere jumped on the wagon right away, which fueled the dating rumors. These unfounded accusations, however, have been absolutely refuted by Eisha Singh, who claims that they are simply companions who enjoy each other’s company.

Eisha Singh expressed her astonishment at the circulating stories in an exclusive interview with ETimes, saying,” It is not real!” We enjoy working together and each other’s business as well. However, that does not imply that we are dating. He is such a great friend, so these rumors are unfounded. ” Eisha’s direct response puts an end to the rumors and emphasizes the close connection she has with Shalin.”

Eisha responded that her family is completely familiar with her and doesn’t bother to ask about such things when asked how these rumours affect them. Particularly, her mother is well-connected with Eisha’s associates and is aware of her daughters’ movements. Eisha’s home stands by her and responds positively to the stories because they are aware of the nature of an actor.

It’s critical to keep in mind that clip life and real life are two different things as viewers gladly follow Eisha Singh and Shalin Bhanot in Bekaboo. Despite the fact that their sizzling on-screen chemistry does enthrall viewers, it does not lead to a loving relationship offline. The fact that Eisha and Shalin were able to stick together despite the gossips is evidence of their expertise and commitment to their work.

It is hoped that the relationship rumors surrounding Eisha Singh and Shalin Bhanot may finally come to an end with this explicit clearing from the players themselves. This respect their onscreen chemical while respecting their individual lives and decisions as they continue to enthrall audiences with their shows.

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