Best Anime With An Overpowered Main Character [2023 Rankings]

Best Anime With An Overpowered Main Character

Admit it; you’re keen on OP MCs. Generally, it’s simply so satisfying to see one character mow down enemies like wheat in a subject. Like TikTok highlights, it’s the form of badassery you simply wish to watch repeatedly.

There are occasions, although, that being overpowered means boring. What’s the purpose of the entire story when the MC is already sitting on the high? However there are tales of OP MCs that simply work because of absurd and/or comical premises and villains that want a gratifying beatdown.

The proliferation of isekai anime introduced extra highly effective MCs previously decade, so don’t be stunned that nearly half of the recognizable ones within the listing are isekai characters with highly effective cheats.

So, buckle up and get your repair of OP goodness from these beloved animes with godly primary characters who have been simply method too extraordinary to face in the identical beginning line as everybody else.

Let’s get began!

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Let’s begin with somebody so highly effective he wanted to show a category of assassins simply to kill himself.

Earlier than taking up and destroying the world, a yellow bipedal octopus whom the scholars of sophistication 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior Excessive College name Koro-sensei tries to nurture a gaggle of misfits into nice younger assassins who will cease him

Koro-sensei’s antics and nice instructing techniques endear him to class 3-E as they slowly mature into nice people on this sci-fi comedy with dramatic twists.

Why Is The MC OP?

Koro-sensei is already a grasp murderer often known as the first “Deity of Demise” earlier than he obtained captured, experimented on, and remodeled into the yellow tentacled monstrosity he turned identified for.

He possessed tremendous pace, tremendous regeneration, genius-level mind, super-precise tentacle manipulation and alteration, and lots of extra.

After all, isekai animes can’t be not noted of this listing. Hajime Nagumo began as a lowly assist in a celebration of summoned heroes, {all} highschool children from the identical class.

Mocked for being weak and despatched to his dying by way of schemes, Hajime actually fought his method from the underside: inching his method from the abyss of a dreaded labyrinth again to the floor with a never-say-die perspective.

Why Is The MC OP?

This loser-turned-badass acquired talents and relics from the Age of Magics after repeating his dungeon-raiding feats in different Nice Labyrinths, boosting his stats far past the degrees of his hero classmates.

Hajime additionally modified his character to swimsuit his renegade getup of white hair, black eyepatch, and dope super-guns.

Right here’s one other isekai character who’s extremely sturdy, overpowering opponents even whereas restraining himself. Takuma Sakamoto is a recluse gamer who will get transported to the world of his favourite MMORPG, Cross Reverie.

He was summoned by two ladies, Rem and Shera, who needed to enslave him. The spell backfired, and the ladies turned Diablo’s slaves as an alternative.

Why Is The MC OP?

Diablo was summoned by the ladies to assist them clear up some issues, which Diablo simply resolves (learn: bulldozes by way of). These ladies simply summoned a cleaver to kill mosquitoes.

As a grasp of {all} Elemental magics and bearing the job title “Sorcerer of Annihilation,” Diablo has an extended listing of overpowered spells, most of which he doesn’t want to make use of. As a top-level character in Cross Reverie, Diablo additionally has top-grade equips and maxed-out stats.

Vash Stampede was geared up with supernatural talents that might destroy the world however opted to be kindhearted and never homicide folks. This premise of a pacifist ‘time bomb’ of a personality has fascinated followers ever for the reason that manga was launched virtually three a long time in the past.

This misunderstood gun-toting hero is adopted by destruction and chaos all over the place he goes, resulting in him being referred to as The Humanoid Storm with a bounty of $$60 billion (double {dollars}).

Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson, who work for an insurance coverage firm, monitor Vash’s accidents to evaluate the harm claims.

Why Is The MC OP?

The nickname Humanoid Storm is definitely an understatement of Vash’s capabilities. Born as a Plant, a synthetic human used as a literal strolling battery by the planet Gunsmoke, Vash and his twin Knives Hundreds of thousands are holders of unimaginable powers.

Other than universe-level hypersonic pace and assault efficiency, Vash possesses a dreadful weapon referred to as Angel Arm, an enormous cannon that shoots antimatter blasts able to burning a gap by way of the moon. He as soon as misplaced management of his Angel Arm and destroyed a complete metropolis, which began his legend as a strolling catastrophe.

 Demon King Anos Voldigoad is undoubtedly one of the overpowered characters ever created in anime historical past. The tyrannical king was as soon as a top-level powerhouse who sacrificed himself hundreds of years in the past to finish an interspecies struggle.

Anos was profitable, as he was reborn to the present period of peace, the place magic as an entire declined and his descendants rather a lot weaker.

Nonetheless possessing the godly powers he had throughout his reign, Anos goals to reclaim his former status because the Demon King.

Why Is The MC OP?

Possessing powers that may put any god to disgrace, this Demon King effortlessly overwhelms any opponent. Even studying this list of his most potent talents will most likely damage you.

One unforgettable second of Anos OP-ness was when he destroyed the conceited pupil Zepes Indu by killing and resurrecting him again and again whereas philosophically considering the results of his spell. Yeah, overpowered and ruthless.

For those who want a various isekai (overpowered, harem, comedy, world-building), Tsukimichi is a strong possibility. Makoto Misumi isn’t the same old isekai hero, however he possesses the frequent outrageous talents.

As a World Traveler summoned by the Goddess, he was deserted and thrown to the sting of the world as a result of he appeared subpar by the brand new world’s requirements. That is the story of him looking for his place in a unique world whereas additionally discovering his powers and limitations.

Why Is The MC OP?

Don’t be fooled by his stage 1 tag. Makoto’s powers put him in league with the gods. For one, His Creation powers are past what gods and goddesses can do.

Makoto additionally has the facility to spice up anybody who has a pact with him. One notable instance is Tomoe’s Subspace, which turned a utopia for Makoto’s band of misfits and the folks of the Wasteland.

If you’d like an impassive badass OP MC, Tatsuya Shiba is your man. Amusingly referred to as by followers Godsuya, this explicit primary character is a little bit of an enigma: he’s a ‘ineffective, magicless Weed’ in a magic highschool, however he’s really one of many strongest magicians in his era.

Godsuya at all times possesses a reply to each barrier, significantly with regards to risks focusing on his treasured sister, Miyuki. He’s extremely mighty to the extent that he requires a restrict to manage his presence.

Why Is The MC OP?

{All} about Tatsuya Shiba is destruction. Particularly, the Hindu god of destruction, Shiva (Shiba, Shiva, you perceive). He possesses powers which might be deemed too sturdy in a magical group, leading to his famend adventures.

In actual fact, Tatsuya’s powers can’t be thought-about “magic” by the world’s requirements—they’re superpowers. His highly-specialized varieties of magic, Decomposition, Elemental Sight, and Regrowth, have been too nice that they hindered him from utilizing different fundamental magic.

If there’s a line that completely describes Seiya Ryuuguuin, it is going to be what Kazuki Nakashima as soon as stated, “A lioness will use {all} of her energy even when searching a rabbit.”

Seiya was summoned to the S-rank problem world Gaeabrande by the goddess Ristarte. When he arrived, he purchased three units of armor and gadgets earlier than destroying a single slime by repeatedly attacking it along with his strongest strategies.

Why Is The MC OP?

On account of his cautious nature, Seiya grinds and overprepares earlier than any battle. Because of his ‘EXP increase’, Seiya ranges up rapidly, making him an undefeatable existence in opposition to any enemy he encountered (besides that one in his previous life).

To be utterly safe, he even realized as many spells as potential, making him a grasp of a number of sorts of magic. It has been constantly confirmed that Seiya was proper in being overly cautious, at all times overcoming any chance or situation of an enemy counter-attacking.

Rimuru isn’t the one slime-y OP isekai MC right here. 11-year-old Ryouma Takebayashi walks the OP path by proudly owning lots of and lots of of slimes he bred and advanced.

Ryoma was initially set on constructing his slime empire and honing his expertise deep within the forest when a baffled Jamil family found him and introduced him out to their duchy, the place he tried to reconnect to society and reside a peaceable life.

Why Is The MC OP?

Because the title suggests, Ryoma is the darling of the Gods, incomes blessings from the Gods of Life, Love, Wine, and even the Creator Himself. These have been the gods’ compensation to Ryoma after the latter endured a horrible life (and the lamest dying) again on Earth.

Slimes have been solely a clue of the Ryoma iceberg, although. This MC has realized completely different expertise like washing and creating issues, in addition to fight and mystical talents. It really sparks your curiosity and makes you excited to uncover what mysteries Ryoma has hid inside.

True anime followers will at all times keep in mind when Charlotte shook and disturbed the world. What began as a humorous but kinda-useless capacity, Yuu Otosaka’s energy bloomed and eclipsed everybody in unimaginable methods.

The story is about in a world the place a share of the inhabitants beneficial properties supernatural talents upon reaching puberty. At some point, the sudden dying of his little sister left Yuu severely depressed.

His hope is reignited when he learns the true nature of his talents, setting him on a path of saving not solely his sister however {all} capacity customers on the planet.

Why Is The MC OP?

Yuu initially thought that his capacity was restricted solely to possession, {all} the whereas solely utilizing it to fraudulently lead a carefree highschool life. He later realized that his capacity is named Plunder, and it permits him to “loot” the facility of any capacity person he possesses.

He used this damaged capacity to plunder {all} talents on the planet as he traveled from nation to nation, incomes him the moniker “One-Eyed Grim Reaper”. By the top of his escapade, Yuu is claimed to have hundreds of talents at his disposal.

Mondaiji might be the highest OP MC anime among the many isekais on this listing, based mostly on its premise: three extraordinary youngsters gifted with tremendous psychic powers, every nursing an insufferable boredom as a result of their OP-ness.

They get invited by a sure Kurousagi to a spot referred to as Little Backyard, a spot brimming with highly effective folks. Chaos, after all, ensues.

The strongest amongst these drawback youngsters is Izayoi Sakamaki, an conceited boy susceptible to fixing issues with violence. He solely needed to have enjoyable, and enjoyable is what he will get.

Why Is The MC OP?

In a world the place everybody has highly effective presents, Izayoi’s capacity, named [Code: Unknown], can negate and destroy different presents, resulting in him dominating his fights simply.

Kurousagi said that Izayoi has the facility to destroy heaven and earth, with Baron La Croix including later that Izayoi’s capacity may even destroy stars.

Right here’s one other terribly OP MC from the isekai subgenre, who treats combating demon lords as a hidden facet job. Satou Pendragon (previously Ichirou Suzuki) was a programmer who awoke in a fantasy RPG world, a mashed model of the video games he has been debugging.

Or a very unhealthy, complicated nightmare, who is aware of?

Anyway, Satou jumps from stage 1 to stage 310 (lots of of ranges above everybody) after his limited-use meteor spell annihilates a tribe of highly effective lizardmen. Now OP and correctly isekai’d, Satou goes on a sightseeing tour whereas saving the occasional loli and destroying wayward demon lords alongside the way in which.

Why Is The MC OP?

With maxed-out stats and loads of time, Satou was capable of copy tons of expertise and skills throughout his adventures. His tremendous high-level and isekai cheats helped him destroy evil behind the scenes.

The ladies he saved alongside the way in which additionally turned overpowered along with his assist, a lot of them having their very own adventures and empowering tales.

What do you do when confronted by a supreme being you denied {all} your life?

This MC’s reply was to mock and criticize Him, after all, prompting the entity to reincarnate this unnamed salaryman into an orphaned little woman named Tanya Degurechaff caught in an alternate actuality the place wars are fought with weapons and magic.

Tanya turns into a soldier within the alternate world’s Imperial Germany. Her excessive latent magic and cruel character earned her a spot in a particular cell unit of mages, a lot to her shock and chagrin. Tanya had lengthy been desirous to grow to be a high-ranking officer with minimal obligations.

Why Is The MC OP?

Tanya is a ruthless but environment friendly soldier trapped inside a diminutive, blue-eyed blonde little woman. In an try and climb the ranks and escape the battlefield, her wartime management and magical warfare prowess as an alternative made her an ace, therefore a card that her superiors couldn’t simply disguise.

Drawing on her understanding of the conflicts in her former realm, Tanya asserts management over her portion of the battleground, incomes her the spectacular nickname The Satan of Rhine.

Her small stature and pre-teen doll-like cuteness make it extra jarring, contemplating how a lot of a demoness she is on the battlefield.

Though Asta is probably not probably the most highly effective character in his present, his confidence in his personal expertise and his decided perspective, typical of shonen protagonists, make him the favored hero by {all}.

And similar to his fellow shonen protagonists, Luffy and Naruto, Asta believes he has what it takes to grow to be the Magic Emperor.

Asta was initially an unfortunate orphan from the Forsaken area who found he was magicless. Below mysterious circumstances, he was chosen by a particularly uncommon five-leaf grimoire, gaining an ally referred to as Liebe and the highly effective anti-magic.

Why Is The MC OP?

Because the MC of a shonen present, Asta is sure to grow to be a high existence, fulfilling his future of changing into Clover Kingdom’s strongest magic knight. With his indomitable will, Asta is making his identify identified in a world with quite a few beings extra highly effective than him.

Nonetheless, what differentiates Asta from others is his energy’s nature, which is anti-magic.

Gaining a magic-nullifying capacity in a world the place magic makes would possibly is really overpowered, particularly when used proper. His distinctive energy additionally prevents him from the opposed results of mana drain, since he has no mana, to start with.

It began easy, actually: In a world the place most individuals inherit supernatural powers referred to as quirks, Izuku Midoriya is a superhero-stanning quirkless boy who at some point gained an overpowered capacity from his idol, the world’s strongest superhero, {All} Would possibly.

Andifferent typical shonen story, one can say, however My Hero Academia efficiently makes use of each shonen stereotypes and the superhero style to create an endearing cult hit.

The deconstruction of superhero tropes, plus an awesome mixture of characterization and world-building, made positive that Deku might keep on the high of this era’s best animes.

Why Is The MC OP?

Deku’s quirk, referred to as One For {All}, is among the extra distinctive ones within the My Hero Academia. This transferable quirk, handed down from one person to a different, permits the person to stockpile great quantities of vitality, boosting his/her bodily talents to superhuman ranges.

It’s a easy power-up form of quirk, however the destruction and harm it may possibly trigger are insane.

What’s crazier is that Deku additionally inherited the quirks of {all} the earlier customers of One For {All}, giving him an all-around increase to his super-abilities, to not point out the chances Quirk Singularity can do to Deku’s already-OP would possibly.

Not a nasty improve for a powerless nerd.

Watching an anime with a share meter of the MC’s psychic explosion is a singular expertise in itself. Shigeo Kageyama, or Mob, is an easy and naive protagonist who transforms into his badass OP self as soon as the meter reaches 100%.

Mob isn’t the one overpowered MC creator ONE created (the opposite one being extra ridiculous), however he has perfected the type of taking a blank-looking MC and giving him talents so highly effective that it upends folks’s perception of what an overpowered being really is able to.

Why Is The MC OP?

It has been proven that Mob has an amazing psychic capacity that he realized to suppress as a result of an accident previously. When Mob reaches his explosion level, he can launch energy relying on the emotion he feels when he reaches 100%.

There’s additionally a ???% that comes out when Mob undergoes excessive stress or when his bodily vessel is destroyed. Below this particular state, Mob loses management of himself and turns into much more highly effective.

Over the previous few years, an inflow of isekai’d MCs with cheats introduced lots of representatives for the OP trope.

However few can actually deal with this MC and the following one. The guild chief of one of many strongest guilds in Yggdrasil obtained isekai’d into the sport’s world as his skeletal Overlord character named Momonga.

Taking over the identify of their guild, Ainz Ooal Robe, he and his ensemble of highly effective NPC guardians discover the world whereas on the similar time establishing his personal area in hopes of discovering different gamers.

Why Is The MC OP?

By Yggdrasil’s requirements, Ainz is simply method too damaged. When one possesses limitless energy with no issues for ethics and morality, it’s method too straightforward simply to mow down hapless enemies with overwhelming power.

Disregarding Ainz, simply Nazarick’s stewards are already sufficient to topple down Yggdrasil’s empires.

Though he can compete by way of bodily capacity as a result of he’s additionally a talented fighter, Ainz is primarily acknowledged for having a variety of extremely highly effective spells, a few of which may immediately defeat a number of enemies.

A few of his magic additionally violates the legal guidelines of life, dying, and even area and time.

Rimuru Tempest might be the preferred isekai protagonist in recent times, and he’s virtually overpowered proper after he obtained reincarnated regardless of being a lowly slime.

Armed with the OP talent Predator and equally OP luck, this slime found an entity contained in the cave the place he was born—the imprisoned Storm Dragon Veldora.

Utilizing Predator to unseal and “eat” the dragon, he was capable of jumpstart his isekai journey with a monstrous vitality supply.

Why Is The MC OP?

His expertise can synthesize and evolve into Final expertise (with cool names as well!).

Probably the most OP amongst these was Knowledge King Raphael, a talent that developed its personal consciousness. It’s a hack much like planting a supersmart AI chip inside your head.

With a bunch of expertise an OP isekai MC appears to require, Rimuru established his small kingdom, becoming a member of the ranks of demon lords rapidly and incomes himself a seat amongst the world’s strongest.

You simply know that any listing of overpowered MCs is incomplete with out the presence of this dull-looking baldy who moonlights as a superhero for enjoyable.

Saitama is a B-class hero in a world the place superheroes have grow to be a part of the general public’s day by day lives. This webtoon-turned-beloved-anime by ONE is a parody of the OP trope that individuals simply can’t get sufficient of.

Why Is The MC OP?

The heading signifies that Saitama defeats many supervillains solely with punches. The issue is that no person witnesses Saitama battling probably the most perilous foes or they wrongly acknowledge different heroes (we’re conscious, King).

The fights are additionally entertaining as hell, albeit method too brief (the combat in opposition to Boros, fortunately lasted greater than a punch, not less than).

Happily, Yusuke Murata (of Eyeshield 21 fame) gave life to ONE’s funny-looking characters and blessed followers with one unforgettable anime.

Andifferent quintessential occupant of OP character lists and fairly rightly the grandfather of OP anime, Son Goku is all people’s favourite energy cliffer. A lot in order that every time a robust protagonist comes out, it has grow to be the norm to ask, “Can he beat Goku, although?”.

However actually, can they?

Goku’s fights sit proper up there amongst the perfect ones in anime. Whereas they aren’t as fast as a lot of the guys right here on this listing, the sheer quantity of destruction and energy stage are in a unique league.

Why Is The MC OP?

What makes Goku actually OP is how he upgrades himself, outpowering his previous OP self each time a stronger contender comes out and threatens the universe.

Though he wasn’t born a god, Goku is already combating a few of them.

It’s superb to think about how he got here an extended, good distance from being an lovable alien monkey to a literal God of Destruction.

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