Black Butler Season 4 Episode 11 Release Date & Time, Explained and Where to Watch?


The release date of the Black Butler season 4 episode 11 is 22 June 2024. If you want an English-dubbed episode then you will get it because Crunchyroll announced for English-dubbed episode. Right now there are only 8 episodes available of the English-dubbed Black Butler series.

On the premier of episode 10, they focused on revealing the causes of eliminating Derrick Arden and their vice principal. But episode 10 is full of action and maybe in episode 11, there will be some story of the fighting. 

Black Butler Season 4 Episode 11 Release According To The Time Zone

The series is available in so many languages English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Latin American, French, Spanish and German on Crunchyroll after some of the premier. 

Here is the time zone for your country of release Black Butler season 4 episode 11

Time zonesRelease TimeRelease DayRelease Date
Eastern Daylight Time10:30 amSaturdayJune 22, 2024
Central European Summer Time4:30 pmSaturdayJune 22, 2024
Pacific Daylight Time7:30 amSaturdayJune 22, 2024
British Summer Time3:30 pmSaturdayJune 22, 2024
Indian Standard Time8:00 pmSaturdayJune 22, 2024
Australia Central Standard Time12:00 amSundayJune 23, 2024
Philippine Standard Time10:30 pmSaturdayJune 22, 2024

On Which Platforms Can I Watch Black Butler Season 4 Episode 11?

Tokyo MX, BS11 and some other networks in Japan will broadcast the Black Butler season 4 episode 11. It will be available for South America, Central America, North America, India, Europe and Oceania in English subtitles for streaming on Crunchyroll.

If you want to watch previous episodes of Black Butler, so they are streaming on Bilibili in South Asia and South Asian Country. Watch now and do not forget to watch episode 11.

Small Recap Of Black Butler Season 4 Episode 11

In the premiere of episode 10, there were flashbacks from the previous episode in which Derrick Arden and his friends were bullying students. 

Herman Greenhill tries to threaten him to report him, but the vice-principal is not stopping. Herman Greenhill becomes very angry and eliminates Derrick and the vice-principal. The senior of the school arrests the rest of Derrick’s friends.

Then the scene came to present Lawerence Bluewer acknowledging his crimes and wanting to save the school’s traditions. 

Then the Undertaker explains his research on reanimated corpses and his desire for beyond the death. Sebastian finds death beautiful.

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