Confirm! Blackpink’s Rose Decides To Sign With The Black Label

Rose decides to joins The Black Label

BLACKPINK’s Rose has signed a management contract with THE BLACK LABEL, the agency co-founded by producer Teddy Park. This contract marks a new chapter in Rose’s solo career, allowing her to release new music and engage in global activities under THE BLACK LABEL’s management. The partnership is expected to provide Rose with better creative control and opportunities to showcase her talents on the global stage, further fixing her position as a global K-pop superstar.

What Reason Behind Rose Joins The Black Label?

On June 17, It was reported that Rose has decides to join THE BLACK LABEL for her solo career. Currently, THE BLACK LABEL represents artists such as Jeon Somi, Taeyang, Zion.T, and Park Bo Gum.

BLACKPINK’s Rose is used to be joining THE BLACK LABEL, a subsidiary of YG Entertainment, for several reasons. One important factor is her long-standing relationship with Teddy, the main producer behind many of BLACKPINK’s hits. This familiarity and trust could be a significant factor in her decision to join the agency. 

Additionally, Rose’s desire for artistic freedom might be another reason for her move. As the only BLACKPINK member without her own agency, she may be seeing a more relaxed pace in her solo career, which THE BLACK LABEL’s focus on artistic freedom could provide. Furthermore, the agency’s relatively slow pace of releasing music, similar to that of artists like Somi, could be attractive to Rose, who may want to focus on other aspects of her life or simply enjoy a more slow pace in her solo career.

What are the Importance to rose of joins with The black Label 

This contract marks an exciting new chapter for Rose as she start her solo journey, while still remaining part of the BLACKPINK group under their shared agency YG Entertainment. 

THE BLACK LABEL says in their commitment to fully supporting Rose’s activities in many fields, and expressed excitement about the cooperation between her unique musical style and the label’s approach to artistic freedom. Fans can look forward to Rose’s upcoming music and global projects under her new partnership, which is expected to provide her with greater creative control and opportunities to show her talents on the global stage.


Which Company makes a contract with BlackPink Rose?

The Black label company makes a contract with BlackPink Rose.

What Reason Behind Rose Joins The Black Label?

Rose has decides to join The Black Label for her solo career.

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