Blue Lock Chapter 266 Release Date, Time And More


If you are a fan of Blue Lock then there is bad news and good news for you, A very popular anime manga is on a long break now. The good news is that the Blue Lock Chapter 266 is scheduled to arrive next week. Fans have been waiting for chapter 266 for a long time if you want more information about Blue Moon then read below.

Blue Lock Chapter 266 Release Date & Time

The release date of Blue Lock Chapter 266 is 26 June Wednesday. But the fans of Blue Lock from the US, Canada and Mexico can see chapter 266 on Tuesday. The timing of the release Blue Lock Chapter is different according to the country. If you want to know about your country’s release time then read below.

Time ZoneTimeDateDay
PDT8:00 amJune 25Tuesday
CDT10:00 amJune 25Tuesday
EDT11:00 amJune 25Tuesday
GMT3:00 pmJune 25Tuesday
ACST12:30 amJune 26Wednesday

Where Can I Read Blue Lock Chapter 266?

If you are a fan of Blue Lock and want to read the upcoming chapter 266, then go on Kodansha’s K Manga. You can watch it on both mobile applications and the website, both options are available and it is exclusive for the US audience. Blue Lock has not announced any other platform except Kodansha’s K Manga for Chapter 266. You can not watch that anywhere online except Kodansha’s K Manga. There are no subscription fees only sometimes the point-based plan is required to gain access to the latest chapters.

What Can We Expect In Blue Lock Chapter 266?

By the way, it is too early to discuss about Blue Lock Chapter 266 but the fans of Blue Lock are going crazy for Chapter 266, they started making their own stories and theories in their minds. In the previous chapter, they set the stage for Michael Kaiser’s Impact, Magnus is creating a lot of buzz online. According to the majority of fans, the Blue Lock Chapter 266 will bring more clarity by revealing the aftermath of Kaiser’s move. There are chances to see a heavy-hearted Alexis Ness should Kiyora Jin replace him.

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