Body of the Missing British TV reporter found on a Greek Island  

Body of Missing british reporter found

According to sources, missing British TV reporter and author Dr.Micheal Mosley was found dead on the Greek Island after a long-day search. It was confirmed by their family on Sunday morning.

Mosley’s wife said that her husband was on a hike and took the wrong route and misplaced it at a place, where his body couldn’t be found easily. The 67 years-old man lost on the Greek Island

 Dr. Mosley who went missing on the island on Wednesday afternoon, was found between the rocks on a rugged stretch of coast by a boat that included the local mayor and journalist.

Dr. Clare Bailey Mosley, wife of Michael Mosley said in a statement that “Michael was an adventurous man, which made him so special.” “It’s very hurtful to lose a man like Michael. He was such a funny, kind, and wonderful man. We had a lucky life together and we love each other and are very happy with each other.

Mosley, a 67-year-old man was well known for his many programs on the BBC and was regularly seen on the television and radio and his articles in the daily mail newspaper. He was very popular outside the U.K. for his book named “THE FAST DIET”.

Before the body of Mosley was found, tributes were poured for Mosley.

Tom Watson, the former deputy leader of Britain’s Labour Party, referred to Oswald Mosley as a hero and credited the doctor’s diet books with his significant weight loss of nearly 100 pounds (45 kilograms).

Through social media platforms x, he said that” I was very upset to hear the news of Michael, and it is very hard to describe.

Dr. Saleyha Ahsan, who co-hosted the popular television series “Trust Me, I’m A Doctor,” praised Michael Mosley’s exceptional ability to connect with viewers from all walks of life. Mosley, known for his engaging presenting style, possessed a remarkable talent for making complex scientific concepts accessible and understandable to the general public, not just to those with a specialized background in the field.

His skill in breaking down intricate topics and presenting them in a relatable manner allowed him to effectively communicate with a wide audience, captivating both the scientifically inclined and those with a casual interest in the subject matter.

“Michael Mosley is a beloved figure in British media, and his warm demeanor has endeared him to audiences across the country,” Dr. Saleyha Ahsan shared with the BBC, highlighting his exceptional charm and charisma.


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