Bridget-“What Was That Sound?” TikTok Viral Video, Fan’s Answers


A professional firefighter and “girl mom” Bridget has taken TikTok to storm with a very unusual and bad video in which we can see their dining experience. Their ID on TikTok is @thelifeofbee_. She posted a video on her TikTok and the title “Does anyone know why our panda express is making this noise?!” and that video went viral on TikTok and got 1.3 million views. 

In the video we can see that, Bridget opens her camera and starts saying  “Gabby and I are having the weirdest experience with our dinner. We got Panda Express for dinner. And Gabby was taking a bite out of her food. And she hears a noise coming from her food. But sure as s—, there was a noise coming out of her Panda Express. Out of the chicken. There was a noise coming out of it.” 

It was an interesting sound, so Bridge decided to record it and she shared her chicken with her audience and said “Turn your volume all the way up and you guys will hear what I’m talking about. It’s coming out of a piece of chicken,” before bursting into laughter. In the video, there is a chicken making the very unusual sound of crackling or clapping and her mother is asking her “Why are you laughing?”

The video was going on and Bridget was still laughing and giggling and she asked her audience  “If anybody knows what that was, please let us know ’cause we’re confused and Gabby’s freaked out.”

The video was going on and the TikTok audience was very creative and started sharing their thoughts and theories. Someone said, “I’m a professional chef and I’m weirded out.” Another viewer offered a plausible explanation, suggesting, “Hot grease bubbling inside is my guess or heat or steam trying to escape.” “It was probably a piece of baking soda that wasn’t mixed properly in the breading and is reacting to the acids in the sauce.” “This makes me so happy I’m a vegetarian LOL.”

The video was very entertaining, people were laughing and also sparked a dialogue about dining choices and dietary preferences. The Beyond The Original Orange Chicken, made with Beyond Meat, offers a plant-based version of their popular dish. Another nice option is the Eggplant Tofu, which combines tofu, eggplant, and red bell peppers in a spicy sauce.

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