Car driver dead after car crashes into tollbooth in Bedford, New Hampshire

Toll plaza accident

After the car crashed in the tollbooth, the driver of that car was found dead in Bedford, New Hampshire. The name of the car driver was Scott Defreitas and he is from Nashua, the incident happened on Thursday afternoon.

At 3:15, The Mercedes SL 500, going towards the south direction, and crashed with a concrete barrier and burst with fire. Due to this incident many lanes of the Everett Turnpike Southbound because emergency responders rushed to the scene. And by 6:05 p.m., all lanes were reopened. The investigation of the crash is still continuing.

How did the accident Happen?

The Mercedes SL 500 was in south Direction and crashed into the concrete barrier at the Bedford Tollbooth around 3:15 on Thursday. The car that was crashed, was driven by a driver named, Scott Dereitas, who was a 52-year-old man and belonged to Nashua in New Hampshire.

The car immediately caught fire and the driver was pulled out of the car by witnesses and did the various measures of life saving but he was announced dead on the spot.

Result Of The Accident 

As a result of the accident, the four lanes at the TollBooth were closed for about 3 hours and reopened at 6:05 P.M. after the clearance of the road.

And the investigation of that case was still under process by the police of New Hampshire.


When did the accident happen?

The accident happened on Thursday at 3:15 P.M.

How many people die in accident on tollbooth in NH

Only the driver was died on the spot.

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