Chicago Fire Season 13, New Chief And Some New Faces


Wallace Boden played by Eamonn Walker in Chicago Fire Season 13, left his role as Boden and was promoted to a higher position within the Chicago Fire Department (CFD). Dom Pascal is from Miami in Chicago Fire and the new chief, the name can be changed. There are some rumours about changing his name that have not been confirmed by the officials.

The web series is getting loved by people because of the thrill and the new characters they put in the show. Some people are missing the old characters and showing their love for the Chicago fire on social media. The series is amazing breaking the records and it is getting trending on social media.

The career of Dom Pascal started with the CFD but he was a chief in Miami for the past ten years. In the series, he is described as a very cheerful person and he handles pressure in a good way leadership and his style is different from Boden’s. Dom is not together with his wife and he is no closer with her while the Boden is divorced.

Boden played by Eamonn Walker in the series, now he will not do regular entry in the show but he will come occasionally. In one episode Boden was promoted to Deputy Commissioner of Never Say Goodbye.

In season 12 of Chicago Fire, there were many new characters and old characters left. In the season premiere, Alberto Rosende left the show and Rome Flynn also left the show and he was replaced by Rosende’s character. But Flynn’s character returns after 6 episodes in Season 13, and Flynn has to appear in the upcoming season of Godfather of Harlem. 

Kara Miller played the role of Sylvie Brett and also left the show after marrying Jesse Spencer played the role of Matt Casey, they moved to Portland with their daughter. The character of Kara Miller is now played by Jocelyn Hudon, cast as Paramedic Novak.

New Characters On The Chicago Fire?

New Cast that join the Chicago Fire are Rome Flynn, Jocelyn Hudon, and Michael Bradway. Jack Damon, the character of Bradway has an interesting storyline which is revealed in the season 12 finale, he is the brother of Severide played by Taylor Kinney. Hudon the character of Lizzy Novak is a free-spirited paramedic who is starting to fit in well with the team, especially with Violet (Hanako Greensmith).

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