Christian Nodal & Ángela Aguilar Confirm Their Relationship

Christian Nodal & Ángela Aguilar Confirm Their Relationship

Yes, Christian Nodal & Ángela Aguilar confirm their relationship in two ways first through a news outlet on 10 June 2024 and second on an Instagram video on 11 June 2024. 

Angela said to Hola “It is not a new relationship; it’s the continuation of a story that life made us pause so we could grow and miss each other”, and they upload the photo of doing romance which clears everyone about their relationship status.

Then approximately two and half weeks ago, there was big news from Regional Mexican singer and Argentine trap star Cazzu (real name: Julieta Cazzucheli) who declared the breakup of Christian Nodal & Cazzu. They also have a daughter together on 14 September.

How Christian Nodal & Angela Aguilar Met?

When Angela Aguilar, Leonardo and their father Pepe Aguilar announced their “Jaripeo Sin Fronteras” tour dates in the press conference which will held on 10 January 2018. They also announced that they would now work with Christian Nodal, and the Nodal was also present in the media at that time.

While promoting the tour Angela, Leonardo and Christian, went to the show “El Show de El Piolin”  on January 2018 and played games there. Joked about their respected dating life, Nodal said he has a younger son and Angela said she has only one companion her dog.

Now in July 2019 Christian and Angela became part of the 2019 Premios Juventud and they both were nominated for other categories but they performed together there.

In the same year 2019 November, they both were invited to the Latin Music Gallery ribbon-cutting at the GRAMMY Museum in Los Angeles. They both were invited by the President of the Grammy Museum.

In November 2020 middle of the world’s pandemic, the first collaborative song of Christian and Angela was released with the name “Dime Cómo Quieres.” in this video we can see the flirty and doing hard work to impress Angela. But not impressed by him she sings in the song “After all, she’s not the type of girl who easily falls for a guy”.

After this in February 2022, they both came together on the 2022 Premio Lo Nuestro Awards and performed a heartfelt tribute to the late Vicente Fernandez. 

Three years after their song, the first time performed it live in one of Nodal’s soldout shows at Foro Sol in Mexico. More than 60,000 people were witnessed of their stage chemistry.

In May 2024 Cazzu announced officially about the breakup of Christian and Cazzu. After this news, people started saying on social media that Christian is dating Angela.

In July 2024, they officially accepted on Instagram that they both are dating. People said we knew that there was something in between them.

What Christian Nodal Said About Cazzu After Breakup?

After the breakup of Nodal and Cazzu, Nodal said “First of all, Julieta is a person I love and who has my respect for life. We are public figures, we are artists, but we are not masters at life”.

Nodal made a video saying “Love doesn’t always work. Our cycle together ended in the best possible way. It was a love that gave us the most precious gift that could have come to us in life, the most beautiful thing we could have done together, which is Inti, my daughter, who I will always love, who I will always take care of. And in that relationship, there will never be a third party, there was never any infidelity.” The lovely couple is no more together now.

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