Church Volunteer & Coach, Jeffrey Riesenberg, Has Been Arrested For The Physical abuse Of His Daughter

Jeffrey Riesenberg

A volunteer at Hickory Grove Baptist Church, a large Southern Baptist church in Charlotte, North Carolina, was arrested by officials last month after finding by church officials that he had been in charge of sexual abuse with a student of the church’s Christian educational institution.

The student of the church told officials in April that, her father, Jeffrey Riesenberg,, physically abused her. Her father was a volunteer in the church’s student ministry for a long time and had coached in its recreation programme.

Action Taken After The Physical Abuse

“The case of that student was reported to Child Protective Services, and police were sent to investigate the case”. said the pastor of that church. The father of that student, Riesenberg, was arrested by the Union County police on May 9. 

The student who was abused and her family were beloved in the church, and the church was trying to take care of them in an awful situation.

One of the members of Hickory Grove Baptist Church said to church members that “when this criminal act was not done by Riesenberg, he volunteered in the church’s Harris Campus Student Ministry from 2011–2021 and Recreation Ministry from 2014–2017.

Letter By Sbc President Pressley

In a letter pastor, Pressley describes the church’s policies about sexual abuse, Pressley also says the church offers sexual abuse prevention training and teaches church members how to be members of that training session.

“Pressley states in his letter that the church does not forgive any form of abusive behavior, stating that sexual abuse is particularly awful and a grave injustice that the church clearly disapproves of. He emphasized the importance of creating a safe and supportive environment where victims feel empowered to speak out, report incidents, and receive kind care.”

“Regardless of significant reforms passed at the Southern Baptist Assembly’s annual meetings in recent years, progress has stopped. The national task force responsible for implementing these reforms is set to dissolve next week, leaving several critical tasks unfinished. In a recent report, task force leaders noted that while progress has been made at the local level, with churches becoming more aware of the importance of abuse prevention and better prepared to manage incidents when they happen.”


What is the relationship between Jeffery Riesenberg and the student?

The student was his daughter.

What was the action taken after the physical abuse?

Riesenberg was arrested by the Union County police. 

What was the name of the pastor who wrote the letter?

the name of the pastor who wrote the letter was Pastor Pressely, who was also the president of SBC.

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