Cricket Lovers Troll Shivam Dube As He Drops Easy Catch

Shivam Dube

Shivam Dube dropped the catch of Mohammad Rizwan in the match of India vs Pakistan. There is a match of India vs Pakistan on 9 June 2024 of the T20 World Cup. Pakistan won the toss and chose to ball first, India got all out on 119 runs. Then Pakistan came on the ground for chasing the target of 120 in 120 balls. Pakistan started hitting shots, and India needed the wicket for the balance of the match. Jasprit Bumrah(Bowler of the Indian Team) came for bowling and on the third over Mohammad Rizwan hit the shot on a deep fine leg. People on social media criticised Shivam Dube for dropping the catch, saying he could be the reason for losing the match against Pakistan. 

Batting Performance 

People saying on social media ‘bad catcher, bad bowler, bad batsman’, why is he in the T20 World Cup? He made 3 runs on 9 balls It is not batsmanship and he is an all-rounder and not did bowling. People say it is good that he not did do the bowling, if he did then the match could be over in 10 overs. In the IPL(Indian Premier League) he was a stand-by player in many matches and the captain of his team was Mahendra Singh Dhoni. People demanding that keep him as a stand-by player, and let another deserving player play. Shivam Dube played well against Bangladesh, he scored 60 runs on 40 balls took 1 wicket and gave only 9 runs and created history in India by hitting a half-century and taking a wicket in a single T20 World Cup match. Does really Shivam Dube deserve this hate that he getting now? He proved himself many times. Let’s see his next match against the USA.

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