Doctors on Vacation Save a 15-year-old Shark Victim Girl in Florida 


On Friday, A teenage girl was attacked by a shark in Florida, and the doctors vacationing there rushed to save her life. The incident happened at Rosemerry Beach in Walton County.

Two young girls aged 15 years enjoying in the waist-deep water with their friends and suddenly they were attacked by a shark said to the South Walton Fire District.

According to officials, one girl was seriously injured in the upper leg and hand, but the other girl was not seriously injured, she only had minor foot injuries. 

Doctors at Rosemerry Beach in Walton country

Ryan Forbess and Mohammad Ali were both doctors and friends who enjoyed their vacation at Rosemary Beach. 

Both are at water boogie board with their kids at the time of the attack. They tell the news conference that they heard the panic sound of the crowd and immediately knew that there was a shark nearby.

They said that “we’all started running out of the water by holding their kid’s hands.

Later they said in the interview that forbess suddenly saw the cloudy red water from the beach. 

About 2 hours before this attack, officials said that a woman of about 45 years old was also attacked by a shark near the water sound beach, about 2 miles away from the rosemary beach. She also has critical injuries on the midsection of her arm. She was sent to the trauma center for the treatment

Saved girl’s from shark attack 

The other nurses who were on vacation ran towards the girl as well. 

The team of medical tied bandages around her wound in her upper leg and hand to stop the flow of blood.

Both the doctors and other medical professionals help the girls.

Dr. Forebess and Dr. Ali said that they didn’t know other medical professionals who helped the girls, but at that time girl’s treatment was more important than knowing others.

And further, he said that “it was god’s will that everyone was there to help that girl”

Later, Dr. Forbess and Dr.Ali talked to that girl’s family and admitted her to the hospital. And they asked that she expected to survive.

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