Donations Page For Joanne And Her Children


There is a very happy family in Napier in which Brett is a dad he has a wife Joanne and has five children, one is 3 years Peter, and 1-year-old quadruplets Jonathan, Oliver, Lucy, and Esther.

Brett’s health started getting worse to worse, he died on 9th June in Napier. Brett was a very good man he went daily to church and was a very good-hearted man, he took care of his family in a very good way.

Now, their family didn’t have anyone who would take care of them. Now only his wife is older in the house and she has five children, which makes it very difficult to raise five children single-handedly. She opens her page, goes to that page and helps her to feed her children and donate.

Donate them as much as you can because this is a very bad situation for them right now as a human being we should donate to her and her children. Maybe because of your donation she can feed her children food for today. 

Brett Before Death

He was a very good father and husband. He makes sure that he properly feeds his family and gives them what they want. He went daily to church and his neighbours said that he was very kind-hearted and would always stand for needers.

He helps everyone he can but after some time he starts facing health problems which convert into death on 9 June Sunday. His wife got a very big shock and his children didn’t even get bigger.

Joanne Donating Page

After losing her husband Joanne was not able to think properly and she did not have much money to feed her family for long. If she goes for a job outside so who will take care of her five children? 

So she decided to create a page on which people would help her by donating money, she started the page and she started getting some money from strangers. If you also want to donate to her so go to her page and donate as much as you can because she is still in need of feeding her children. 

She got donations from many people and people really helped her so hard so she could raise her children properly and with a good education. She did thank everyone who helped her in donating and living her life safely.

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