Driver In Deadly Central Florida Migrant Bus Crash Arrested For Dui Manslaughter

Driver In Deadly Central Florida Migrant Bus Crash Arrested For Dui Manslaughter

In Florida there an incident happened between a Truck and a Bus, where in that accident at least 8 were killed and 45 injured when his truck struck a bus carrying farm workers. The Truck Driver Bryan Maclean Howard was arrested Tuesday afternoon. The driver of the truck bus crash that killed 8 farm workers was charged with DUI manslaughter.  Bryan Maclean Howard, the driver of the Ford Ranger, was arrested Tuesday, Dave Kerner, the executive director of the highway safety department, said in the statement. CNN has not yet been able to determine if Howard has an attorney.

There Eight people died while 45 were injured and were taken to medical facilities, including eight in critical condition, James Lucas with Marion Country Fire Rescue said earlier in the day. Riordan said, that noting some of the injured, including the driver of the pickup truck, are in very serious condition.

Howard Initially Charges

Howard,41, was initially charged with Eight counts of DUI manslaughter. In Howard’s First court appearance last week, prosecutors said it was possible that more charges could be added due to the number of people on the bus who were injured in the crash. 

The state office and the Marion County jail log confirmed these charges because of the new injuries. During Friday’s hearing. Howard informed the judge that he had obtained legal representation. They also said that the license was canceled of the truck driver.

About Those People Who Are In The Bus

There are Fifty- three traveling workers were on their way to Cannon Farms, where they performed as seasonal workers on the morning of May 14. At least 40 of them were injured in the crash between the truck and bus, some of them transported to local hospitals with injuries ranging from critical condition to non-life threatening injuries. In Florida, 08 people were killed in that accident. 

Howards Criminal History By The Judge

Bryan Maclean Howard was sentenced to eight months in jail after he went to a friend’s house to hang out and then stole the guys and Kinect When he went off to shower.

He also got two years of probation after that, which he repeatedly violated. In 2019, he spent almost two weeks in jail after an off-duty cop saw him crash into a light pole and then ditch the scene. 

In 2021, Bryan returned behind bars when he got caught for the fourth time without a driving license.

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