Elderly Man Pulled from Senior Community Pool In Fort Lauderdale Has Died

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale An elderly man was found in a Fort Lauderdale pool man died in a pool, in the morning around 8 a.m. They got a call from Fire Rescue about the man in the pool in a senior living community. the fire rescue officials described him as “elderly’’ but the victim’s age and identity have not been released.

The man was pulled from the water to try life-saving but nobody was there to help him. Their neighbors said that the man was wheelchair-bound and the man used a lift to get in and out of the pool. Lisa Lingardo said it’s terrible, She used the pool every day. 

Alan Bogatay said that people should be more kind to their neighbors, and that”people should be helpful to their neighbors”. The circumstances surrounding police investigating his death in a Fort Lauderdale pool is the third drowning in less than a month. On Monday evening, Rayan Amichette died in a pool he was found in a backyard pool.

Based on information gathered so far by detectives, the accident appeared to Incident, the statement said liening. The circumstances determine ongoing remains investigations, including why the boy entered the backyard.

His brother Gibson severely said Ryan’s mom was working on Monday in the afternoon and that a babysitter was supposed to pick up him from school. Ryan’s mom was supposed to pick him up but said he was walking down the street and she turned around – she called him. She was like why didn’t grab his hand or do anything like that, she said too severe.

Sever says the home where he lives with the pool is a few blocks and he doesn’t know who’s the owner or how his brother got into the backyard. In May, a four-year-old boy died in the pool when he was pulled into a backyard pool in the 1800 block of Place NW 15th.

According to Stop Drowning Now, Drowning is the fastest and silent that can happen in a few 20-30 seconds. The nation’s child drowning deaths Florida leads. Florida Department of Children and Family shows data at least 97 kids drowned last year.

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