Erica Meyer Left KRQE in Albuquerque and Future Plans Uncertain 

Erica Meyer Left KRQE in Albuquerque, Future Plans Uncertain

Erica Meyer announced that she would be leaving earlier this month. In Albuquerque, Erica Meyer, the meteorologist at KRQE, has built up a legion of fans who enjoy watching her weather reports every day. Recently, though, she announced that she would be leaving KRQE, and may want to understand why she was departing and where she would be headed next.

While she did get the chance to offer a farewell to viewers, there is still plenty that individuals want to know about her departure. Here is what we know about what she said, and why she seems to have decided to leave.

What happened to Erica Meyer from KRQE?

In her final broadcast, Erica thanked those viewers, who gave her the chance to come into their homes every day. On Instagram, she posted that farewell, and wrote, “Last day of work farewell! I will be moving from Albuquerque, she is taking some rest by traveling and spending time with my friends and family over the next two months. TBD where to next can not wait to find out and let you all know! Be sure to stay tuned here.”

Since from five years, Erica had been with KRQE, and she described her departure from the network as “bittersweet.” She also described how New Mexico became a home to her during that time, even though she originally went there just looking for a job. It seems like She is prepared for her next adventure, though, and that’s why she decides to leave. There is been no indication that she was fired and based on her discussion of moving, it seems like she has been planning this for some time.

 During her last broadcast Fans paid tribute to Erica

The viewers were sad to see Erica go from the show, many of them also wished her well and said they were eager to see where she might land next. Her colleagues said, “It’s not goodbye, it sees you later.” It’s been the best working with you, Erica! George Strait commercial breaks to Erica from the laughs to the whistling in the weather center. She said, “Going to miss you and wish you nothing but the best.”

A viewer added “You are going to be severely missed! But Life adventures are just beginning! Live loud and never look back.” At home, Erica was beloved by both viewers and colleagues and chose to leave for reasons that may have had nothing to do with her work. She is treating life like an adventure, and it seems that she is eager to begin the next chapter of her life.

While we do not have any idea about where Erica will wind up next, her fans seem full of confidence that she will land someone amazing and continue to deliver the weather in the way that her fans have come to love. Until then, she can take comfort in the knowledge that she will be missed, and that she has now got the chance to enjoy time off without fearing about the Obligations of her career.

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