Essay on My Favourite Game Cricket For Students (2023)

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Cricket is unquestionably a sport that is played 22 miles or less from the area. However, it is revered as a church all over the world. It is time to celebrate when a pitcher hits the batsman or scores 100.

It exemplifies zeal and demonstrates how dreams come true! We are given” Essay on My Favorite Game Cricket” to help us understand the fundamentals and development of this game over time.

150 Word Essay on Baseball: My Favorite Game

School, commitment, and character are required to play cricket. Years of practice are necessary, but it also takes passion and commitment to succeed. It was first played in Britain, but it has since spread all over the world and had a big influence on person’s life.

A baseball match is typically held in a stadium that is surrounded by sizable crowds, commentators, umpire, and cameras that are used to send the game exist. In various tournaments, the game is played in a variety of ways, including:

Tests, One Day Internationals ( ODIs ), and Twenty20 Unlimited, 50, and 20 Overs matches are the three categories of international cricket matches. Numerous team represent the nations of numerous planets.

The Ashes, a tri-series played by three countries, the Asia Cup, which is held between India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, are both renowned baseball competitions. The World Cup is played every four times in both the 20 – over structure and the 50-over style. Additionally, each nation brings together players from different nations to form its own 20-over top leagues.

In their communities, parks, and neighborhoods, Indians even engage in baseball. Gully bowling is the name for it. as a result of this gift known as” Cricket”! Whether they are watching the cricket world cup on television or cheering in stadiums, everyone lives a little bit more when Sachin reaches his era or India wins.

Essay On Baseball, My Favorite Game
Essay On Baseball, My Favorite Game

Essay On Baseball, My Favorite Game 250 Words

Cricket is a thrilling outside sport that is popular all over the world, including India. Despite being well-liked in several nations, including India, England, and Australia, it is not as favored in the United States.

A wicket and a game are used in this amazing game, which is being played in large fields. It is my preferred sports. When a national or international cricket opposition was taking place, I used to simply observe cricket.

Cricket is played between two groups of 11 people each. Depending on which team wins the flip, one team bats initially and another bowls. Both teams you lick at the same time, with the winning team receiving the pass bat first. In order to play cricket efficiently, one must be familiar with its laws and regulations. It is played well when the surface is clean.

There are some issues if the earth is damp. Until he is eliminated from the sport, one batter is allowed to bat. Everyone is excited as soon as a game starts, and the venue is filled with great ball noise, especially when the beloved player hits the chauka or chhakka ball.

My future bowler was and would be the legendary Sachin Tendulkar. He set a record in baseball for India. When he was playing at the highest level of the game, I was forced to forget to eat breakfast.

Every day in our area park, my parents encourage me to perform well in cricket. They are very encouraging. Cricket is a difficult but straightforward game if played frequently. I also enjoy playing cricket every day in the park in my area.

Essay On Baseball, My Favorite Game
Essay On Baseball, My Favorite Game

Essay On Baseball, My Favorite Game 500 Words

Cricket, which calls for the use of a bat and ball, is one of the most well-liked sports in the world. There are 11 people on each of the two clubs that play this game. The goal of the game is to score as many plays as you can on a niche that is well-kept.

It is particularly well-known in England and India, where people have a lot of room to succeed and amass enormous wealth. Each bowling style has a unique set of guidelines and playing time. Cricket is played in a number of different styles rather than just one.

Each baseball format has its own lover foundation because there are various variations. While some people enjoy Twenty-20 matches because they require less engagement and are very interesting, others prefer watching check matches due to their intensity and authenticity. Baseball is traditionally played in check games.

Two nations compete against one another in the National League System, also known as districts in England, which lasts for up to five weeks. It is played by two nations and lasts for three to four days.

Both teams are allowed to play one frame in a restricted overs game, and the game’s length and format are determined by the format.

When it rains, results are obtained using the Duckworth-Lewis Method. The One-Day International, also referred to as ODI, is one of the most well-liked forms. Two nations compete against one another for fifty wickets. The Twenty – 20 format, which is quite enjoyable and engaging, is the last but not least. It’s very exciting and enjoyable, and it only has 20 innings.

Despite sports being the nation’s national sport, cricket has the upper hand in the hearts of the populace. It generates a lot of pleasure and panic among game fans. In India, bowling is revered as a religion and participants are regarded as demi-gods. People also miss their colleges and workplaces when a significant global game is taking place.

Baseball players have frequently been in danger due to their unwavering enthusiasm for the sport. Additionally, supporters are prepared to take any risk in order to express their rage or love.

Bowling unites Indians like no other sport, and all, from children to adults, always follows the American team’s score when they play.

Cricket is played in a variety of ways all over the world, and it is loved by persons everyday. Even business tycoons have been drawn to the sport by its popularity to invest in it.

The bowling board is making several changes to add interest to the game, including the establishment of the Indian Premier League. In essence, cricket in our nation is not just a game but also an emotion.

In the end, it is a power that unites people for the better. As a result, we improve our international ties and uphold our perception of fairness.


Cricket has won the hearts of thousands of people all over the world thanks to its notoriety and acceptance. Regardless of their age group, many people find this activity to be enjoyable.

Without a doubt, children find playing or watching baseball to be very interesting and enjoyable, especially when they are fresh.

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