Essay on My Favourite Game Football in English (2023)

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When our kids have free time, they just play their preferred activity without being forced to. They will jump off to play soccer or cricket with buddies without changing out of their uniforms as soon as they get home from school. This essay’s goal is to teach kids how to write an essay about their favorite sport.

If you have two kids, there’s a good chance that one of them plays baseball and the other plays football in your home. They have various tastes, as do all kids, but in this article, we’ll concentrate on basketball.

While some folks watch sports on television, some seize the opportunity to participate and score a goal. This article on basketball, one of my favorite sports, may aid in our comprehension of the game’s rules.

150 Word Article on My Favorite Football Game

When I was six years old, I witnessed sports being played on a local area for the first time. I was enthralled by how the people moved the ball with their legs, and when they scored, I unintentionally cheered loudly. Also after I got home, my enthusiasm persisted, and I knew my goal was to become a basketball player.

My parents eventually bought me a sport, and we started playing it together in the night despite my initial lack of experience. Despite not being an analyst at first, I eventually picked up the game through commitment and hard work.

I joined the college football team after I started playing well. As a result, I was able to develop my performing strategies by learning how to control the ball and push it into the goalpost while navigating an 11-player team.

Football also gave me more endurance and management skills. This article on football, which I consider to be my favorite sport, did reaffirm that.

Essay on My Favorite Game Football
My Favorite Basketball Game Writing

My Favorite Basketball Game Writing 250 Words

Having a passion keeps you happy, focused, and entertained throughout. Hobbies are born out of pure people nature and ability. Football is, in my opinion, one of the most well-liked outside sports in the entire world.

Football is where players run and kick a game, and it combines the words base and basketball. Each group has 11 gamers, and there are two teams competing in the game, with one person acting as the goalie. Great traps are used to support shafts at both finishes of a large area.

When each group competes against an opposing team, the keeper stands in front of their team’s goalpost to block the ball from entering their goal post in order to save a goal. He or she may also attempt to kick the puck into the other team.

A reader who judges a team’s objective and also makes sure the game is played seriously oversees football games.

Each team is given an additional 30 hours if either group scores no targets or equals targets, and in the end, each group receives a penalty shootout of five efforts.

Football is played for 90 days, which is split into two periods of 45 minutes each, with a 10 minute break in between. Nearly every school and college plays football because it’s a great way to practice and keep your wellbeing.

The World Cup, which is held every four decades, is the highest competition in soccer. FIFA is in charge of maintaining sport as a global sport. Since 1998, there have been 21 World Cup competitions, with Brazil winning five days and Germany and Italy winning four.

Football is very well-liked in India, just like it is everywhere else. Despite being only 90 minutes longer, the match is packed with all the excitement you would anticipate.

Essay on My Favorite Game Football
My Favorite Basketball Game Writing

My Favorite Basketball Game Writing 500 Words

On a triangular area with goal posts on either side, it is an outdoor activity played between two teams of 11 players each. Nearly a hundred nations around the world play sports.

The main objective of a basketball game is to score goals against the opposition. In this game, players kick a game with their feet. The staff with the most targets wins the game, as implied by the name. This game is also referred to as” Soccer” as another name.

Football is without a doubt one of the most played sports in the entire world. It teaches collaboration and discipline, helps some people reduce stress, and raises their fitness levels. For all parties involved, it is a sport of wonder, joy, and attention.

Football was known as Harpaston in old Greece. Two teams ran or kicked a ball past target posts to score objectives. Both teams used their feet to kick the ball.

One of my all-time favorite game is sports. For my home and I, it has been a tremendous source of happiness and pleasure. I experienced a jump in my veins whenever I moved the ball toward the opposing ball. I participated in the basketball team at my university’s attacking division.

When I score a goal, all of my colleagues may applaud me. Christino Ronaldo is my favorite sports person, and I’ve often enjoyed watching football. He is the all-time best ahead.

He is without a doubt the best football player the earth has ever seen. I follow him closely and look up to him as a role model. I also try to mimic his movements while he’s playing.

A person who plays football for 90 days and then takes a 15-minute crack after 45 minutes will spend the rest of the game running around the industry.

Football is a reviving activity for the system. Additionally, because it is a group activity, you may experience effort and teamwork. Coming teamwork will undoubtedly be advantageous.

Regular sport play has a ton of advantages. Some of them include enhancing mental well-being, increasing attention, and improving fitness skills.

Football has a number of significant benefits, including:

  • Playing sports develops your discipline, composure, and punctuality.
  • Playing the game improves cardiovascular health and stimulates the brain.
  • It promotes cooperation among the people.
  • Football is a good way to improve your fitness.
  • It strengthens muscles, increases lean muscle mass, improves health habits over the course of a career, and aids in brain fat loss.
  • Football improves both physical and mental stamina.
  • Two of its many advantages, which help players morally and physiologically, are a good fair play exercise and dealing with disappointment.
  • Quick thinking and adaptability are essential for boosting self-esteem and trust in soccer games.
  • encourages good behaviour, which lessens depression


The only way you can execute against a competitor and win against them is through teamwork. In all aspects of the game, sports represents lifestyle. Work hard to succeed and be aware of how to collaborate with others to do so.

You may keep falling behind on aims throughout your life until you succeed in achieving them. In order to improve their physical and mental health, kids and young people should be encouraged to play football both at home and at school. I hope this writing was enjoyable for you.

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